10 Facts about Bladder

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Facts about Bladder talk about one of the important organs of human being. After the kidney excretes the urine, it will be collected by the urinary bladder. Then the urine will be disposed from the body when the person urinates. The location of the urinary bladder is on the pelvic floor. The urinary bladder is an elastic organ with a hollow and muscular look. Get more interesting facts about bladder by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bladder 1: the other organs

The disposal of urine from the body involves several organs. The urine will enter the bladder through the ureters. Then it will move out of the bladder from the urethra. Check arteries facts here.

Facts about Bladder 2: the volume of human bladder

There is no exact information for the human bladder’s volume. But there are several sources which mention that the volume of human bladder is around 500 mL to 1000 mL.

Facts about Bladder

Facts about Bladder

Facts about Bladder 3: the layer of the urinary bladder wall

You can call the layer of the urinary bladder wall as the detrusor muscle. This muscle is composed of the smooth muscle fibers. The position of the muscles is circular, longitudinal and spiral. The urine will be expelled from the urethra when the detrusor muscle contracts.

Facts about Bladder 4: other parts of urinary bladders

There are several parts of the bladders besides the detrusor muscle. The base of the bladder is called fundus.



Facts about Bladder 5: the male urinary bladder

The male urinary bladder is located in the middle of rectum and pubic symphysis. The rectovesical excavation separates the bladder from the rectum.

Facts about Bladder 6: the female urinary bladder

Can you tell me the position of the urinary bladder on females? It is located anterior to the vagina and inferior to uterus.

Bladder Picture

Bladder Picture

Facts about Bladder 7: the capacity of urinary bladder

The capacity of urinary bladder of male and female is very different.  The male’s urinary bladder has bigger capacity than the female urinary bladder.

Facts about Bladder 8: the urinary bladder of young children and infants

The location of the urinary bladder of the young children and infants are different from adults. Even when the urinary bladder is empty, it is located in abdomen.

Bladder Human

Bladder Human

Facts about Bladder 9: the urination

The process of urination is very important when human being has to dispose the urine. The urine excreted by the kidney is collected in the urinary bladder before it is disposed.

Facts about Bladder 10: the amount of urine

The urinary bladder usually collects around 300 to 350 ml of urine before its disposal through urination.

Bladder Facts

Bladder Facts

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