10 Facts about Bleach

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If you are a manga series lover, you have to take a look at Facts about Bleach. Have you read the storyline of Bleach? You will be impressed with this series for it will take you to the amazing adventure. Tite Kubo is the writer and illustrator of Bleach. Let’s find out the production, story line and characters of Bleach by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bleach 1: the storyline

The storyline of Bleach focuses on the life of Ichigo Kurosaki. He was a hotheaded teen who gets the power from the Soul Reaper.

Facts about Bleach 2: the responsibility

After Kurosaki get the power, he has the responsibility to protect human beings from the evil spirits.  Moreover, he also becomes the guidance for the departed souls to the afterlife.

Bleach Facts

Bleach Facts

Facts about Bleach 3: the first series

Since August 2001, Bleach is published in Weekly Shonen Jump. It is the Japanese manga anthology. There are 68 takobon volumes collected from this famous series of Bleach.

Facts about Bleach 4: the popularity

Since Bleach is well received by the people, it has high popularity.  In 2004 till 2012, Studio Pierrot produced the animated TV series for Bleach.

Facts about Bleach

Facts about Bleach

Facts about Bleach 5: the media franchises

Besides the animated series, Bleach is also made into four animated feature films, two original video animations, video games, 10 rock musicals and numerous types of merchandise Get Avatar facts here.

Facts about Bleach 6: the English version of Bleach

Bleach is also released in English to embrace wide readers. Viz Media coordinated the released for the English version of Bleach. There were 63 volumes released for the English version.



Facts about Bleach 7: the best selling manga

Bleach is included one of the best selling mangas in United States and Japan. In 2005, it was awarded with Shogakukan Manga Award.

Facts about Bleach 8: the sales of Bleach

In Japan, there are around 84 million copies of Bleach. It is due to the interesting storyline, wonderful art and character design.

Bleach Series

Bleach Series

Facts about Bleach 9: the criticism

Even though Bleach is very popular, it is often criticized due to the sluggish pacing and stereotypical plot.

Facts about Bleach 10: the main character

The main character in Bleach is Ichigo Kurosaki. He meets Rukia Kuchiki, a supernatural trespasser who gives him power.  Kuchiki is a Soul Reaper who comes from the afterlife realm. The writer of Bleach gets the idea to define the Soul Reapers from the Shinigami in a kimono. Get facts about on Attack on Titan here.

Bleach Manga

Bleach Manga

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