10 Facts about Bleeding Kansas

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Check out the series of the political confrontation in America in Facts about Bleeding Kansas.  This violent confrontation occurred between the pro slavery people and the anti slavery free staters. This event is called Bleeding Kansas, the Border War or even Bloody Kansas. It is one of the important events in the US history. Here are facts to know about Bleeding Kansas:

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 1: the date

Bleeding Kansas or Border War occurred between 1854 and 1861 in Kansas territory. Therefore, it is called as Bleeding Kansas. But it also involved the neighboring town in Missouri.

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 2: popular sovereignty

Popular sovereignty is the term to call the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. This act was based on the votes of the settlers, not the outsiders.

Bleeding Kansas Facts

Bleeding Kansas Facts

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 3: Kansas

The main conflict was to define whether Kansas will outlaw or allow slavery. The people were in question if Kansas would become a slave state or a free state for the slaves.

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 4: the pro slavery people

The pro slavery people tries to encourage the settlers by saying that it would be okay for them to carry their own property and slaves in Kansas.

Facts about Bleeding Kansas

Facts about Bleeding Kansas

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 5: the anti slavery people

The anti slavery people had different view about it. They gave no opportunity for the people to own the slaves. Moreover, they also stated that the rich slaveholder would be able to purchase the farms and work with black slaves.

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 6: the people involved in Bleeding Kansas

The heart of the conflict in Bleeding Kansas laid on the different point of view about slavery in United States.  The pro slavery forces from the South wanted to keep slavery in their states, while the anti silvery forces from the North wanted to abolish slavery. Check African American slavery facts here.

Bleeding Kansas Image

Bleeding Kansas Image

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 7: who coined the term Bleeding Kansas?

The Republican Horace Greely was the editor of the New York Tribune who coined the phrase the Bleeding Kansas.

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 8: the political balance

The political balance between the South and North forces was kept by the Congress based on the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

Bleeding Kansas and Slavery

Bleeding Kansas and Slavery

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 9: the votes

The votes were very important for the pro slavery forces to make the Kansas territories as slave state. Therefore, they used intimidation and fraud to win the territorial election.

Facts about Bleeding Kansas 10: the strife

The strife occurred when the anti slavery people had the first Kansas Constitution, while the pro slavery forces had their own government. Find out black slavery facts here.

Bleeding Kansas

Bleeding Kansas

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