10 Facts about Blenheim Palace

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The only non royal non Episcopal country house in English called as a palace is explained in Facts about Blenheim Palace. The location of this monumental country house is in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England. The dukes of Marlborough consider the Blenheim Palace as the main residence. Let’s find out more interesting facts about the palace by reading the below post.

Facts about Blenheim Palace 1: the construction of Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace was constructed in 1705 till 1722. It is considered as one of the largest houses in England. In 1987, Blenheim Palace was included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Find out Big Ben facts here.

Facts about Blenheim Palace 2: John Churchill

John Churchill was the first duke of Marlborough. The palace was constructed as a reward for him. During the war of the Spanish succession, he brought victory for England against the Bavarians and French forces. The culminated event of the war occurred in the battle of Blenheim in 1704.

Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

Facts about Blenheim Palace 3: the political infighting

Blenheim Palace became the subject of the political infighting after the construction of the palace began. He had to lose his duchess title and sent to exile.

Facts about Blenheim Palace 4: the design

Blenheim Palace was designed in English baroque style. This palace is famous because of its authentic design. It features the mausoleum, family home and national monument.

Blenheim Palace Pic

Blenheim Palace Pic

Facts about Blenheim Palace 5: the fame

Blenheim Palace is not only famous due to the interesting architectural design.  People also recognize it as the ancestral home and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

Facts about Blenheim Palace 6: the home of Churchill

Blenheim Palace was occupied by Churchill after the construction finished. Then Spencer-Churchill inhabited the palace. For the next 300 years, the palace has become the house for the Churchill family from generation to generation.

Blenheim Palace Facts

Blenheim Palace Facts

Facts about Blenheim Palace 7: the renovation of the Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace was saved from being damaged after 9th Duke of Marlborough married to Consuelo Vanderbilt, the American railroad heiress. Vanderbilt provided the fund to repair the palace in 19th century.

Facts about Blenheim Palace 8: the architect

Blenheim Palace was designed by Sir John Vanbrugh. He was an untrained architect. He was very popular as a dramatist.

Blenheim Palace Beauty

Blenheim Palace Beauty

Facts about Blenheim Palace 9: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is considered as the famous descendant of the first duke. He was born in the palace. You can find a suite of rooms decorated after him.

Facts about Blenheim Palace 10: the library

One of the famous rooms in Blenheim Palace is the long library. Christopher Wren designed it with the length at 55 meter or 180 feet. Get facts about Bedford Castle here.

Facts about Blenheim Palace

Facts about Blenheim Palace

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