10 Facts about Bletchley Park

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One of the historical buildings in United Kingdom is explained in Facts about Bletchley Park. The location of this park is in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. It was used as the secret communications of the Axis Powers during the World War 2.  Find out more interesting facts about Bletchley Park:

Facts about Bletchley Park 1: the Domesday Book

Bletchley Park was mentioned as a part of the Manor of Easton if you check it in the Domesday Book. The site was located around 80 kilometers northwest of London.

Facts about Bletchley Park 2: the mansion

In 1711, a mansion was built inside the Bletchley Park by Browne Willis. In 1793, the mansion was bought by Thomas Harrison.

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

Facts about Bletchley Park 3: the name Bletchley Park

The site was called as Bletchley Park after Samuel Lipscomb Seckham bought the property in 1877. In 1883, Sir Herbert Samuel Leon bought the estate. It had the area of 235 ha or 581 acres. The farmhouse was expanded. It featured the combination of the Dutch baroque, Tudor and Victorian Gothic style.

Facts about Bletchley Park 4: Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair

Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair was the head of the SIS or Secret Intelligence Service who purchased the mansion and turned it for the GC&CS and SIS camp. He chose it as the important site due to the strategic geometrical location of the mansion.

Facts about Bletchley Park

Facts about Bletchley Park

Facts about Bletchley Park 5: secrecy

The secrecy of Bletchley Park is maintained well. There is no need to wonder that the documents as well as the equipment were destroyed when the war ended. Get facts about Bastille here.

Facts about Bletchley Park 6: the usage of site

The site was used for various functions after the war officially ended. It was a local GPO headquarters or even used as a teacher training college.

Bletchley Park Image

Bletchley Park Image

Facts about Bletchley Park 7: the empty site

The site was empty in 1991. There was a plan to demolish the site.  But the site finally is kept as a museum by the Bletchley Park Trust after Milton Keynes Borough Council stated that it would be used as a conservation area in February 1992.

Facts about Bletchley Park 8: the first opening of Bletchley Park

In 1993, Bletchley Park was opened for the first time for the visitors. In July 1994, HRH the Duke of Kent officially inaugurated Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park Facts

Bletchley Park Facts

Facts about Bletchley Park 9: the trust

The Bletchley Park Trust got the right to control most areas of the site after there was an agreement between the trust and landowners in 1999. Find out Blenheim Palace facts here.

Facts about Bletchley Park 10: the museum

If you visit Bletchley Park, you can see different kinds of objects such as the Enigma machine collection, wartime code breaking efforts or even Stephen Kettle’s life-size statue.

Bletchley Park History

Bletchley Park History

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