10 Facts about Blindness

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The vision loss condition is explained in Facts about Blindness.  The ability of the eyes to see the objects is decreased for various reasons. Some people who have partial blindness will need glasses to help them seeing the objects clearly. Let’s find out more blindness facts in the below post:

Facts about Blindness 1: the decreased ability

The decreased ability of the eyes to see things clearly will be easier to fix if they wear contact lenses or even glasses. However, the full blindness is not easy to treat.

Facts about Blindness 2: the term blindness

The term blindness is used to define the person who has a completely loss vision. The eyes are unable to see things.

Blindness Facts

Blindness Facts

Facts about Blindness 3: the normal daily activities

When people are blind, the normal daily activities will be interrupted. It is not easy for the blind people to walk, socialize, read or even drive. Get facts about being healthy here.

Facts about Blindness 4: the causes

There are many causes of blindness. The most common ones include glaucoma, cataracts and refractive errors. The latter one occupies more than 43 percent of visual impairment cases.

Facts about Blindness

Facts about Blindness

Facts about Blindness 5: Refractive errors

The conditions included in refractive errors are astigmatism, presbyopia, far sighted and near sighted.

Facts about Blindness 6: other common problems related to eyes

The causes of health problems related to eyes which can lead into visual impairment or blindness are infection, childhood blindness, corneal clouding, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration.



Facts about Blindness 7: the most common cause of blindness

The most common cause of blindness is cataract. The people who have cataracts should access for surgery to keep the eyes work normally again.

Facts about Blindness 8: treatment

Do you know that more than 80 percent of the visual impairment can be prevented and cured with the right treatment? That’s based on WHO statement.

Blindness Treatment

Blindness Treatment

Facts about Blindness 9: deaf blindness

Deafblindness is the common term to call the combination of blindness and deaf. This condition makes the person unable to see and hear. Other health problems which may occur with blindness include autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy, hearing impairment, intellectual disability and cerebral palsy.

Facts about Blindness 10: the most common causes of blindness in 2010

There are several causes of blindness based on the report in 2010. The most common causes which occupy 51 percent of the whole cases are cataract. It was followed by glaucoma for 8 percent and age related macular degeneration for five percent. Other causes are the corneal opacification, childhood blindness, refractive errors, trachoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

Blindness Pic

Blindness Pic

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