10 Facts about Blitzkrieg

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If you want to know one of the military mechanisms, you have to look at Facts about Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg is taken from the German word. It means lightning war. The close air support is needed when the military applied this method of warfare.  Find out more interesting facts about Blitzkrieg below:

Facts about Blitzkrieg 1: the method

If they use Blitzkrieg method, a larger concentration of mechanized or armoured infantry formation will be spearheaded. The line defense of the opponent will be broken by performing fast, strong and short attacks. The speed is very important here to disjoint the opponents. Therefore, they can encircle them with a surprise attack.

Facts about Blitzkrieg 2: the purpose

The main purpose of using Blitzkrieg is to surprise the opponent so that they do not have time to react or respond on the attack.

Facts about Blitzkrieg

Facts about Blitzkrieg

Facts about Blitzkrieg 3: the interwar period

Blitzkrieg was the derived from Germany. The forces applied the traditional German tactics of matured tanks and aircrafts to defeat the opponents during the interwar period. Later, it was called Blitzkrieg.

Facts about Blitzkrieg 4: the term Blitzkrieg

The term Blitzkrieg was used to call the armored warfare method by the western journalists during the Poland invasion. Find out another method in facts about biological warfare.



Facts about Blitzkrieg 5: the lightning warfare

Blitzkrieg is always associated with lightning or quick warfare. This term was seen in Deutsche Wehr in 1935. It was a German military periodical.

Facts about Blitzkrieg 6: the surprise

Blitzkrieg was used extensively due to the surprise penetration. It made the opponent unable to react.

Blitzkrieg Method

Blitzkrieg Method

Facts about Blitzkrieg 7: French and German forces

The German forces were able to press on the French forces during the battle of France. It was due to the fact that German forces used the defensive and surprised attack.

Facts about Blitzkrieg 8: the military terminology

It was very surprising to know that the term Blitzkrieg actually was not included in the official military terminology of Wehrmacht. The idea of Blitzkrieg was not proposed by Wehrmacht based on the statement of senior officers such as Johann Adolf von Kielmansegg, Franz Halder and Kurt Student. Find out atomic bomb facts here.

Blitzkrieg Germany

Blitzkrieg Germany

Facts about Blitzkrieg 9: is it an official doctrine?

Blitzkrieg is not considered as an official military doctrine. Blitzkrieg is just the result of the combination of the traditional military principles and latest military technology. That’s based on the statement of German historian Karl-Heinz Frieser.

Facts about Blitzkrieg 10: Germany

Blitzkrieg is always linked with the warfare method employed by the Germany and Axis power.

Blitzkrieg Facts

Blitzkrieg Facts

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