10 Facts about Blogs

Thursday, July 23rd 2015. | Technology

Facts about Blogs tell you about the informational site that you can publish on the World Wide Web.  Actually you can also use blog for discussion with other internet users.  When you check a blog, you can find a lot of posts there. The post is the discrete entries of the blog published in chronological order. Get more interesting facts about blogs below:

Facts about Blogs 1: who worked for the blog

Actually blog was made by a single individual until 2009.  The small group could also work on the blog. It usually served one topic.

Facts about Blogs 2: MABs

Now the blog is able to work by a single individual and MABs.  The latter one is used to call the multiple authors.  It means that there are several authors working for the blogs.



Facts about Blogs 3: the increased blog traffic

The blog traffic is increased due to the presence of multiple authors in various institutionas such as the think tanks, media outlets or even newspaper.

Facts about Blogs 4: the growth of blog

In 1990s, blog was developed and emerged. The people were able to post the content after the web publishing tools were created.

Blog Post

Blog Post

Facts about Blogs 5: the technologies

In the past, people used FTP and HTML as the main technologies to publish the content on the blogs.

Facts about Blogs 6: the interactive features

Many people are interested to create their blogs for it has interactive features. The visitors of the blogs are allowed to leave message or even comment. Therefore, it can create feedback between the writers and visitors.

Blog Facts

Blog Facts

Facts about Blogs 7: a social networking service

Now blog is not only used to generate content. It can be a form to increase the social relationship with other people. You can add more friends by becoming a blogger. Find out facts about bitmaps here.

Facts about Blogs 8: Daring Fireball

Daring Fireball is considered as one of the high readership blogs in the world.  This blog is unique for the readers are not welcomed to leave comment.

Blogs Facts

Blogs Facts

Facts about Blogs 9: the typical blog

If you check the typical blog in the internet, it usually features links to other blogs, content, pictures, media and web pages. The topic of blog content is various. You can write health, beauty, car, hobbies, tips or even fashion.

Facts about Blogs 10: the purpose of the blogs

There are various purposed of making blogs. Some people use it for advertising their product, while others use it as a social networking site or even personal diaries. Get facts about antivirus here.

Facts about Blogs

Facts about Blogs

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