10 Facts about Blonde Hair

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Find out the interesting Facts about Blonde Hair if you want to know one of the gorgeous hair colors in the world. People often call blond hair as fair hair.  The hair has yellowish tone. The low level of dark pigment makes the hair color bright. The blond hair comes in various levels of shades. It can be pale, ash, or strawberry blond. Check the detail facts about blonde hair by reading the below post:

Facts about Blonde Hair 1: the range of colors

Blonde hair may have the range of color from pale brown, golden blond, strawberry blond, or even reddish blond.   You can use the A to J color range based on the Fischer-Saller scale of blond.

Facts about Blonde Hair 2: the platinum blond

Most platinum blonds can be found on kids. It is characterized with the presence of whitish blond tone on the hair. This tone is very common in Northern Europe.

Blonde Hair Facts

Blonde Hair Facts

Facts about Blonde Hair 3: other blond hair colors

The cream colored or grayish hazel brown is used to describe the sandy blond hair. If you want to define the reddish blond or honey blond hair, use the term the strawberry blond. The grayish or ashen blond is called the ash blond. If you want to call the artificial color of blond, you can use the word bottle blond, bleached blond or peroxide blond.

Facts about Blonde Hair 4: the light skinned children and infants

It is very common for the light skinned children and infants to have the blond hair. When the children grow, the hair turns darker.

Facts about Blonde Hair

Facts about Blonde Hair

Facts about Blonde Hair 5: the rare natural blond hair

When the children have blond, it usually turns into brunette. There is no need to wonder that the natural blond hair only occupies 2 percent of the people’s population in the world.

Facts about Blonde Hair 6: the true blondism

People believe that the true blondism is originated from Baltic Sea countries and Scandinavia. The lightest pigmentation of eyes and hair is presented on the people in Baltic Sea.

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

Facts about Blonde Hair 7: the blond people

The blond people are more common to spot in Scotland, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Get birth facts here.

Facts about Blonde Hair 8: the French people

It is estimated that 26 percent of the people who live in France have light brown hair or blond hair color. The less common blondism is spotted in Pyrenees. The highest one is seen in Normandy.

Blonde Hair Trend

Blonde Hair Trend

Facts about Blonde Hair 9: the blond French female

It is around 10 percent of French female have the natural blond hair.

Facts about Blonde Hair 10: blondism in Africa

Blondism is also spotted in Africa. You can find them on the Berbers who live in Kabyle and Rif regions. Find out baldness facts here.

Blonde Hair Image

Blonde Hair Image

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