10 Facts about Blood Cells

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Facts about Blood Cells talk about the types of blood cells of human beings. There are three types of blood cells. Those are the platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. It is estimated that 45 percent of the blood tissue contains the blood cells.  The liquid component of the blood or plasma occupies the remaining 55 percent. Check out more interesting facts about blood cells by reading the following post below:

Facts about Blood Cells 1: the red blood cells

When we talk about the red blood cells, we should never forget the hemoglobin. It is considered as the main component of red blood cells.

Facts about Blood Cells 2: the function of red blood cells

Since red blood cells contain hemoglobin, it has the main role for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the body cells and carbon dioxide from the body cells to the lungs. The hemoglobin has this role for it contains iron.

Blood Cell

Blood Cell

Facts about Blood Cells 3: the life time

Can you tell me the life time of the red blood cells? They can only live for around 120 days. Besides transporting oxygen and nutrients, the red blood cells also have the job to protect the healthy cells along with the white blood cells.

Facts about Blood Cells 4: the white blood cells

The function of the white blood cells is protecting the body from the foreign materials and infectious disease.

Blood Cells

Blood Cells

Facts about Blood Cells 5: the life time of white blood cells

The white blood cells have a very short lifetime. They can only live for around 3 to 4 days.

Facts about Blood Cells 6: the location of white blood cells

You can find white blood cells all over the body.  It is easier to find them in the lymphatic and blood system.

Facts about Blood Cells

Facts about Blood Cells

Facts about Blood Cells 7: Platelets

People often call platelets as yellow blood cells or thrombocytes.  This cell is very small for the diameter is around 2–3 µm. The shape is irregular. Get facts about blood circulation here.

Facts about Blood Cells 8: the lifetime of platelets

Platelets have a short lifetime too. It can only live for around 5 to 9 days. The function of platelets is to form blood cloth. It can prevent the excessive bleeding by forming the thread like fiber.

Blood Cells Pic

Blood Cells Pic

Facts about Blood Cells 9: the high production of Platelets

If the platelets in the blood are too high, they can block the blood vessels. It can lead into some serious problems such as pulmonary embolism, myocardian infarction and stroke.

Facts about Blood Cells 10: Jan Swammerdam

The first person who observed the red blood cells under the microscope was Jan Swammerdam. He was the Dutch naturalist who did the observation in 1658. Check blood facts here.

Blood Cells Facts

Blood Cells Facts

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