10 Facts about Blood Circulation

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Find out the organ system which allows the transportation of nutrients, hormones, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and blood circulation in Facts about Blood Circulation.  The blood circulation is often called cardiovascular system. The nutrient transported to the body includes electrolytes and amino acids.  Here are other interesting facts about blood circulation for you:

Facts about Blood Circulation 1: the blood cells

The blood cells are transported in the blood circulation too. It helps the body to maintain homeostasis, stabilize the pH and body temperature and fight the disease and foreign materials.

Facts about Blood Circulation 2: the blood flow topic

The people who are very interested to study more about blood circulation should take a look at hemodynamics. On the other hand, hemorheology is focused on the study of blood flow properties.

Blood Cells

Blood Cells

Facts about Blood Circulation 3: the circulatory system

The circulatory system of human body includes the lymphatic system and cardiovascular system. The former one has the role to circulate lymph. The latter one is responsible for the blood distribution and transportation.

Facts about Blood Circulation 4: the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system has longer passage than the cardiovascular system. The recycled excess blood of plasma is called the lymph. It will be returned to the lymphatic system after it is filtered.

Blood Circulation Facts

Blood Circulation Facts

Facts about Blood Circulation 5: the component of blood circulation

The heart, blood vessels and blood are the main components in the blood circulation.

Facts about Blood Circulation 6: what is blood?

The components of blood include white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma and platelets. The main job is to circulate the nutrient and oxygen and remove the waste from the body cells.

Facts about Blood Circulation

Facts about Blood Circulation

Facts about Blood Circulation 7: the component of lymphatic system

The component of lymphatic system includes lymph vessels, lymph nodes and lymph.

Facts about Blood Circulation 8: the closed cardiovascular system

The type of blood circulation of human being is the closed cardiovascular system. It is due to the fact that the blood will never leave the capillaries, veins and arteries. Get facts about blood pressure here.

Blood Cell

Blood Cell

Facts about Blood Circulation 9: the disease

The blood circulation may be interrupted because of diseases related to the diet, exercise habit and lifestyle.

Facts about Blood Circulation 10: the surgical procedures

The people who have diseases related to the blood circulation may be recommended to have to the surgical procedures to regulate the blood circulation.  Some types of surgical procedures related to blood circulation are the coronary stent, coronary artery bypass surgery, vein stripping and vascular surgery. Get facts about blood cancer here.

Facts about Blood

Facts about Blood

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