10 Facts about Blood Diamonds

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If you want to know the interesting diamonds mined in the war zone, check out Facts about Blood Diamonds. The blood diamond has various nicknames. It is also called as war diamonds, hot diamonds, converted diamonds and conflict diamonds. The diamonds will be sold to fund the war. Let’s find out more facts about blood diamonds below:

Facts about Blood Diamonds 1: the diamonds trade

The diamond trade had negative consequence when it was used by the people who lived in a country with conflict to fund the war.

Facts about Blood Diamonds 2: the civil war

The diamonds are called as blood diamonds after the civil wars in various countries such as Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, and Angola.

Facts about Blood Diamonds

Facts about Blood Diamonds

Facts about Blood Diamonds 3: Angola

In 1974 till 2001, the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA), the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), and Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) were involved in the civil wars. Find out Angola facts here.

Facts about Blood Diamonds 4: UNITA and blood diamonds

UNITA traded the diamonds which had the value at $3.72 billion between 1991 and 1998. The cash that it earned was used to finance the war.  Based on this act, it violated 1991 Bicesse Accords.



Facts about Blood Diamonds 5: the banning of diamond trade in Angola

After it was recognized that UNITA used the money from the sales of diamonds to fund their war, UN decided to ban every activities related to the diamonds trade from Angola. Find out another precious stone in facts about amethyst here.

Facts about Blood Diamonds 6: Resolution 1173

The first resolution established by United Nations which had something to do with diamond and funding a war was Resolution 1173. Even though the resolution had been made, UNITA was still able to trade their diamond.

Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds

Facts about Blood Diamonds 7: Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast was involved in the trade of blood diamonds in the beginning of 1990s.  The exporting diamonds from Sierra Leona and Liberia always passed the route of Ivory Coast.

Facts about Blood Diamonds 8: the illegal trade

To stop the illegal trade of diamond, the UN banned all related activities of diamond trade in the country in 2005.

Blood Diamond Image

Blood Diamond Image

Facts about Blood Diamonds 9: Congo

Congo is one of the exporters of diamonds in the world now. In 1990s, the country had several civil wars.

Facts about Blood Diamonds 10: Charles G. Taylor

Charles G. Taylor was the Liberian president who was accused by United Nation in 2000. UN believed that he supported RUF or Revolutionary United Front who was based in Sierra Leon by giving them training and weapons to get the diamonds.

Blood Diamond Facts

Blood Diamond Facts

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