10 Facts about Blood Donation

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015. | Medical

Facts about Blood Donation tell you about the activity in which the blood of the people is taken for transfusion voluntarily. The process for taking or drawing the blood is conducted using the separation whole blood components of fractionation. The blood donation can be conducted in two ways. It can be for specific component or even whole blood component. Let’s find out more interesting facts about blood donation below:

Facts about Blood Donation 1: the blood banks

The processes for collecting the blood and the procedures for blood donations are all conducted by the blood bank.

Facts about Blood Donation 2: the community supply

The blood donation is often used for the community supply in the developing countries. The blood is taken from the unpaid volunteers.

Blood Donation Act

Blood Donation Act

Facts about Blood Donation 3: the blood in poor countries

When a family or friends need blood, the donors will give it to them because of the limited supplies of blood in poor countries.

Facts about Blood Donation 4: charity

Blood donation has been associated with a charitable act for long time ago. The donors are not paid in this case. But some countries in the world pay the donors, while other countries give paid time off the work after making blood donation.

Blood Donation Picture

Blood Donation Picture

Facts about Blood Donation 5: safe donation

Blood donation is not a dangerous act. It is safe even though you may feel faint, weak, or tired. Some donors also find some bruises after the needle is inserted in the body.

Facts about Blood Donation 6: the evaluation

The evaluation is needed before a person makes a blood donation. It can decrease the risk of having the unsafe blood.

Blood Donation Facts

Blood Donation Facts

Facts about Blood Donation 7: testing and screening

The blood will be screened and tested to find out whether it is safe or not.   The screening enables the person to find out if there is any disease such as viral hepatitis or even HIV inside the blood. Get facts about blood types here.

Facts about Blood Donation 8: the medical history and physical examination

To make sure that the blood donation is safe for the donor, he or she has to conduct the short physical examination and has medical checkup.

Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel

Facts about Blood Donation 9: the types of blood donations

There are several types of blood donation. When a person or a family member gives their blood for a certain individual, this act is included in directed donation. If the donors give their blood to store in the blood bank for the unknown recipient, it is called the homologous donation.

Facts about Blood Donation 10: donors with hemochromatosis

Donors with hemochromatosis are welcomed to donate their blood in Australian Red Cross Blood Service. The organization believes that the safety of blood is not affected by this genetic disease. Get blood cell facts here.

Facts about Blood Donation

Facts about Blood Donation

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