10 Facts about Blood Moon

Monday, July 20th 2015. | Astronomy

If you are interested to know the theory taught and studied by some Christian ministers, you need to check Facts about Blood Moon. Blood moon is one of the interesting topics to discuss for it involves the prophecy. They believe that the sign of the end of the time occurs on the ongoing tetrad. Get more interesting facts about blood moon below:

Facts about Blood Moon 1: the famous Christian ministers

Some of the famous Christian ministers who taught and studied the blood moon prophecies include Mark Biltz and John Hagee.

Facts about Blood Moon 2: the sign of the end of the time

The sign of the end of the time was described in Acts 2:20 and Revelation 6:12 on the bible. Check bible facts here.

Facts about Blood Moon

Facts about Blood Moon

Facts about Blood Moon 3: the beginning of the blood moon prophecy

The beginning of the blood moon prophecies which sign the end of the time started in April 2014. The Christian ministers stated that the blood moon occurred when there was a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses followed by 6 full moons in between without intervening partial lunar eclipses.

Facts about Blood Moon 4: the first total eclipse

One of the first four consecutive total eclipses occurred on 15 April 1014. On 8 October 2014, the second total eclipse took place. On 4 April 2015, the people experienced the third total eclipse.  The fourth one is predicted to take place on 18 September 2015.

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

Facts about Blood Moon 5: the tetrad

During 21st century, there are eight known tetrads. One of them is the four consecutive total eclipses.

Facts about Blood Moon 6: the red moon

During the April 15 lunar eclipse, the moon looked red. There is a scientific explanation about the red color of the moon. Rayleigh scattering of sunlight on the atmosphere of earth creates the red color on the moon. Find out astronomy facts here.

Blood Moon Sign

Blood Moon Sign

Facts about Blood Moon 7: the Book of Joel

The Book of Joel explains the idea of blood moon. It was associated with a prophecy about the end of the time.

Facts about Blood Moon 8: what is written in the Book of Joel?

The prophecy in the Book of Joel explained that the moon will come into blood and the sun will come into darkness before the end of the day comes.

Blood Moon Picture

Blood Moon Picture

Facts about Blood Moon 9: book of Revelation

If you check book of revelation chapter 6 verses 11-13, you can also find out the blood moon.

Facts about Blood Moon 10: Four Blood Moons

Four Blood Moons was written by Biltz. It talked about the prediction of blood moon. The book was very popular.

Blood Moon Facts

Blood Moon Facts

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