10 Facts about Blood Pressure

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Facts about Blood Pressure tell us about the pressure employed by the circulating the blood inside the blood vessels. You can measure the blood pressure by checking the upper arm of a person. It will be measured in mm Hg or millimeters of mercury. There will be two types of blood pressure. It will be stated in the maximum pressure or systolic over the minimum pressure or diastolic. Check out more facts about blood pressure by reading the following post below:

Facts about Blood Pressure 1: the important signs of health

The health of a person can be seen by checking the blood pressure.  In a normal condition, an adult has the blood pressure at 120/80 mm Hg. It is the normal resting blood pressure.

Facts about Blood Pressure 2: the vital signs

Besides the blood pressure, the oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, body temperature and heart rate are important to know. All of them can be the signs of our health condition.

Blood Pressure Facts

Blood Pressure Facts

Facts about Blood Pressure 3: the variety condition of blood pressure

The endocrine and nervous systems regulate the blood pressure. Actually the person can have varied blood pressure. The disease, activity and situation affect the blood pressure. Find out facts about blood types here.

Facts about Blood Pressure 4: hypotension and hypertension

Hypotension is used to call the low blood pressure. On the other hand, the high blood pressure is called hypertension. The condition can lead into disease.

Blood Pressure Picture

Blood Pressure Picture

Facts about Blood Pressure 5: the long term hypertension

The people who have the history of hypertension should be careful with their health.  The long term hypertension can lead into various kinds of diseases such as stroke, heart disease, or even kidney failure.

Facts about Blood Pressure 6: the most common condition

If you check the number of the hypertension cases in Western countries, it is more common than the long term hypotension. This condition is very dangerous for people are not aware with the hypertension symptoms.



Facts about Blood Pressure 7: the disorders

The low blood pressure, high blood pressure and the maladaptive fluctuation on the blood pressure are some disorders related to the blood pressure.

Facts about Blood Pressure 8: the symptoms of hypotension

Some symptoms of hypotension include fainting, dizziness, weakness, lightheadedness or even shock.

Facts about Blood Pressure

Facts about Blood Pressure

Facts about Blood Pressure 9: causes of hypotension

The causes of hypotension or low blood pressure include bulimia, anorexia nervosa, blood loss, sepsis, toxin and hormonal abnormalities.

Facts about Blood Pressure 10: the factors which affect the blood pressure

Obesity, stress, drugs, alcohol, disease, diet and exercise are included as some factors which affect the blood pressure.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

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