10 Facts about Blood Types

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Let me show you the classification of blood in Facts about Blood Types. The blood type is also called as a blood group.  It is classified based on the absence or presence of the inherited antigenic matter of RBCs or red blood cells. There are various kinds of antigens observed to classify the blood. Find out more interesting facts about blood types below:

Facts about Blood Types 1: the antigens

There are different kinds of antigens that you can find in the red blood cells. Those include glycolipids, carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and proteins. The type of antigens found depends on the group system.

Facts about Blood Types 2: the inherited blood type

The blood of parents contributes to the inherited blood types of the children.

Facts about Blood Types

Facts about Blood Types

Facts about Blood Types 3: the group system

Can you mention the number of the blood group systems? The International Society of Blood Transfusion of ISBT recognizes 35 human blood group systems today. Find out facts about blood cells here.

Facts about Blood Types 4: the important group systems

There are two most important blood group systems. They are the RhD antigen and ABO system.

Blood Types

Blood Types

Facts about Blood Types 5: the ABO system

The ABO system is the most common blood type. It divides the person’s blood into four types. Those are A, B, AB and O.

Facts about Blood Types 6: the RhD group system

The RhD group system is used to indicate the RhD status. It can be +, – or Null.

Blood Type Pic

Blood Type Pic

Facts about Blood Types 7: the pregnant woman

It is okay for the pregnant woman to have a baby with different blood type. But they have to know the RhD status. The antibodies against the fetal RBCs will be formed if the mother has the RhD- and the fetus has the RhD +.

Facts about Blood Types 8: the number of antigens

It is estimated that more than 600 different blood antigens are present on 35 blood groups. The antigens can be unique and are only discovered in a particular ethnicity.

Blood Type Image

Blood Type Image

Facts about Blood Types 9: the changes of blood group

The changes of blood group may occur in a very rare case. This condition occurs because of autoimmune disease, malignancy, bone marrow transplant and infection. Get facts about blood here.

Facts about Blood Types 10: bone marrow transplant

The people with lymphomas or leukemias have to perform the bone marrow transplant to save life. The change of blood type may occur when the patient receives the bone marrow with different ABO type blood. If the donor has the blood type O and the patient has the blood type A, the blood type of patient will be converted into the donor’s blood type.

Blood Pic

Blood Pic

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