10 Facts about Blood Vessels

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Let me show you a part of the circulatory system by reading Facts about Blood Vessels. The blood will be transported on the human body through the blood vessels.  The three major types of blood vessels. They are the veins, capillaries and arteries. Get more interesting facts about blood vessels by reading the following post below:

Facts about Blood Vessels 1: the function of capillaries

The capillaries have to regulate the exchange of chemical and water of the tisuses and blood. The blood from the capillaries then will be moved back to the heart through the veins. The function of the arteries is to move away the blood from heart.

Facts about Blood Vessels 2: the vascular

The blood vessels are always associated with the word vascular. Actually the word vascular was taken from the Latin word vas. It means vessel.

Blood Vessel

Blood Vessel

Facts about Blood Vessels 3: the layers of veins and arteries

There are three layers located on the veins and arteries. The thickness of the middle layer of veins and arteries is very different. The veins have lighter middle layer than the arteries.

Facts about Blood Vessels 4: the layers

The thinner layer is called tunica intima. Tunica media is considered as the thickest layer in arteries. It is composed of connective tisuse and elastic fiber. Tunica adventitia is composed of connective tisuse. It is considered as the thickest layer in veins.

Facts about Blood Vessels

Facts about Blood Vessels

Facts about Blood Vessels 5: the external elastic lamina

The external elastic lamina is located between the second and third layer.

Facts about Blood Vessels 6: the contraction and expansion

The vessels can expand and contract because of the layer of muscle located around the veins and arteries. Therefore, the blood can be pumped all over the body when the pressure occurs.

Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels

Facts about Blood Vessels 7: the circulatory system

The circulatory system is an important system of the body. This system will work well because of the blood, heart and blood vessels. Check out facts about blood pressure here.

Facts about Blood Vessels 8: the kinds of blood vessels

Let’s find out more the kinds of blood vessels in details. They include elastic arteries, arteries, arterioles, venules, veins, distributing arteries and capillaries. The latter one is considered as the smallest blood vessel.

Blood Vessels Picture

Blood Vessels Picture

Facts about Blood Vessels 9: the blood pressure

When you want to measure the blood pressure in the blood vessels, you can use mm Hg or millimeters of mercury. Get facts about blood circulation here.

Facts about Blood Vessels 10: the diseases

Blood vessels can be affected by some kinds of medical conditions such as atherosclerosis, inflammation, infection, vasculitis or even cancer.

Blood Vessels Pic

Blood Vessels Pic

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