10 Facts about Blowfish

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Facts about Blowfish talk about the marine fish included in the Tetraodontiformes order. The blowfish is called in various names depending on the culture and countries. The people may call it swellfish, balloonfish, pufferfish, globefish, bubblefish, puffers, sugar toads, and toadies. Let’s find out more interesting facts about blowfish below:

Facts about Blowfish 1: porcupinefish

People always link porcupinefish with blowfish. They believe that both fish have the similar morphology. The external spines of blowfish and porcupinefish are large.

Facts about Blowfish 2: poison

You have to be careful with blowfish for it is poisonous. The people believe that blowfish is the second most poisonous vertebrate. The first most poisonous vertebrate is golden poison frog.

Facts about Blowfish

Facts about Blowfish

Facts about Blowfish 3: the toxin

Tetrodotoxin is the toxin that you can find on the internal organ of blowfish. It is located on the skin and liver of blowfish. When the fish is eaten, it makes the animal poisoned.

Facts about Blowfish 4: the meat of blowfish

Even though blowfish is poisonous, it is considered as the delicious food in Japan. The only one who can serve blowfish is the trained chef. He or she knows how to remove or neutralize the poison of blowfish.



Facts about Blowfish 5: the Asian food

Blowfish is considered as a delicious food in Asia. In Japan, it is called fugu, while in China, it is called hentun. The Korean people call it bogeo.

Facts about Blowfish 6: the size of blowfish

The blowfish is available in various sizes. You can find a big, medium or small sized blowfish. The greater one can reach the length at 39 inches or 100 cm. Find out Anglerfish facts here.

Blowfish Smiles

Blowfish Smiles

Facts about Blowfish 7: the habitat

You can find blowfish living in the temperate zone, cold water and tropics.

Facts about Blowfish 8: freshwater or marine animals

Blowfish can be found living in estuarine and inshore water. But you can also find them living in freshwater area. There are 25 species in Southeast Asia, one species in South America and three species in Central Africa.

Blowfish Picture

Blowfish Picture

Facts about Blowfish 9: the movement

Blowfish moves by using the combination of caudal, anal, dorsal and pectoral fins.  It is a slow moving animal.  That’s why it is easier for the predator to capture blowfish.

Facts about Blowfish 10: the inflated body

Blowfish is unique due to the inflated body when the predator wants to catch it. The inflated body is the defense mechanism conducted by blowfish.  It has the elastic stomach filled with water or air to create inflated body. Moreover, the body features the pointed spines and toxin. Get facts about animal adaptation here.

Blowfish Facts

Blowfish Facts

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