10 Facts about Blue Catfish

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Find out the explanation about the largest species of North American catfish in Facts about Blue Catfish. The scientific name of blue catfish is Ictalurus furcatus. The weight of this catfish can reach 150 lb or 68 kilogram. It has the length at 65 inches or 165 cm. It has the length at 64 to 117 cm in average. Get more facts about blue catfish below:

Facts about Blue Catfish 1: the distribution of blue catfish

You can find the blue catfish living in the Gulf coast or Guatemala and Belize, Rio Grande Rivers and Mississippi river drainage located in Arkansas, Tennessee, Ohio and Missouri.

Facts about Blue Catfish 2: the rivers and reservoirs

Blue catfish live in different kinds of rivers and reservoirs. You can find them in James River of Virginia, Lake Moultrie of South Carolina, Springfield Lake in Illinois, and Powerton Lake in Illinois.

Facts about Blue Catfish

Facts about Blue Catfish

Facts about Blue Catfish 3: the life span

Blue catfish has a very long lifespan. It can live up to 20 years.

Facts about Blue Catfish 4: the invasive pests

In Chesapeake Bay, blue catfish is included as pest. You can find them living in a colony in coastal area.  Living in brackish water is easy to do for the blue catfish can tolerate this condition.

Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish

Facts about Blue Catfish 5: the record of blue catfish

The blue catfish with the weight at 143 pounds was discovered by Nick Anderson from Greenville, NC on 18 June 2011. He got the fish in Buggs Island Lake. Check blowfish facts here.

Facts about Blue Catfish 6: the largest fish

Blue catfish was certified as the largest fish in Virginia by Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries on 22 June 2011.

Blue Catfish Pic

Blue Catfish Pic

Facts about Blue Catfish 7: the opportunistic predators

The blue catfish will eat animals that they encounter. They are included as the opportunistic predators.  They like eating freshwater mussels, crawfish and frogs.

Facts about Blue Catfish 8: to catch the blue catfish

The live baits can be used if you are interested to catch the blue catfish.  If you want to attack the catfish, you can use the live river herring as the bait. If you cannot find the herring, you can use the dead shrimps, suckers, sunfish, carp, or mullet for the baits.

Blue Catfish Facts

Blue Catfish Facts

Facts about Blue Catfish 9: the large piece of bait

If you think that the river or reservoir contains a large blue catfish, you can use the bait with the length at 4 to 12 inches. Get facts about Angelfish here.

Facts about Blue Catfish 10: strong fighter

The blue catfish is famous as a strong fighter.  Don’t be surprised if you find them attacking anything.

Blue Catfish Picture

Blue Catfish Picture

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