10 Facts about Blue Crabs

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Facts about Blue Crabs talk about the animal species of Callinectes sapidus. It also called as Chesapeake blue crab, Atlantic blue crab or simply blue crab.  The blue crabs can be found abundant in Gulf of Mexico and western Atlantic Ocean. Let’s find out more interesting facts about blue crabs by checking the following post below:

Facts about Blue Crabs 1: the importance of blue crabs

Blue crabs are very important for the people who live in United States. They are a good commodity due to the increased demand of blue crabs for culinary.

Facts about Blue Crabs 2: the blue crabs in United States

The blue crabs affect the economy of the people who live in New Jersey, Chesapeake Bay and Louisiana. There is no need to wonder that blue crab is selected as the state crustacean in Maryland.

Facts about Blue Crabs

Facts about Blue Crabs

Facts about Blue Crabs 3: the native animals

Blue crabs are considered native in Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Cape Cod.

Facts about Blue Crabs 4: the introduction of blue crabs in other waters

Do you know that blue crabs now can be found living in the European and Japanese waters via the ballast water? Now the people can spot the blue crabs in Black Seas, Mediterranean water, and Baltic Seas.

Blue Crabs

Blue Crabs

Facts about Blue Crabs 5: the crab fishery

Blue crabs can be made in delicious food. Therefore, it has been used as the subject of crab fishery today. Due to the overfishing, the local population of blue crabs is declined.

Facts about Blue Crabs 6: the diet

The main foods of blue crabs include small fish, thin shelled bivalves, plants, and annelids. The blue crabs eat plant and animals. Therefore, they are included as omnivorous animals.

Blue Crab

Blue Crab

Facts about Blue Crabs 7: the natural predators

The striped bass, trout, eels, sharks, drum, cownose rays, humans and whiptail stingrays are included as some natural predators of blue crabs. Get blue catfish facts here.

Facts about Blue Crabs 8: the parasites

Blue crabs are a subject to some parasites.  The parasites which can cause bitter crab disease include dinoflagellate Hematodinium perezi, amoeba Paramoeba perniciosa and microsporidian Ameson michaelis.

Blue Crab Pic

Blue Crab Pic

Facts about Blue Crabs 9: the important food

Blue crabs were considered as the main food in Chesapeake Bay area in the beginning of 1600s. The European and Native Americans liked to eat it. Find out bivalves facts here.

Facts about Blue Crabs 10: the demand of blue crabs

The demand of blue crabs around the world increases after the modern fishery method was discovered. Therefore, the blue crab fishery is very popular today.

Blue Crab Facts

Blue Crab Facts

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