10 Facts about Blue Eyes

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The low concentration of melanin is explained in Facts about Blue Eyes. Blue eyes look amazing for some people. It occurs because of the melanin in stroma of iris is very low. The highest concentration of the people with blue eyes are Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Belgium, France, US, Spain and Algeria. Get more interesting facts about blue eyes by reading the following post below:

Facts about Blue Eyes 1: the pigment

If you think that the human iris contains the blue pigment, you are wrong. The blue eye color appears because of the lighting condition. It is similar with the blue color on the sky.

Facts about Blue Eyes 2: the blue color history

It is estimated that the first person who had blue eye lived around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. After that, the people have the brown eyes.

Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Facts about Blue Eyes 3: the blue eyed people in the world

The people in the world who have blue eyes are related to each other. It is supported by a research conducted in Denmark.

Facts about Blue Eyes 4: the tolerance of alcohol

It is quite surprising to know that the tolerance of alcohol of the people with blue eyes is higher than the people with other eye colors. The report also finds out that more people with blue eyes had higher risk of abusing alcohol.

Facts about Blue Eyes

Facts about Blue Eyes

Facts about Blue Eyes 5: the sensitivity

Due to the limited melanin on the eyes, the sensitivity of blue eyes is higher. If you want to go outside, don’t forget to wear sunglasses.

Facts about Blue Eyes 6: the eye problems

The people with blue eyes have higher risk of having melanoma because the eyes are very sensitive to light.


Blue Eyes Facts

Blue Eyes Facts

Facts about Blue Eyes 7: the baby

Many people think that the couples who have blue eyes will likely to have blue eyed baby. Actually it is not true. There is still a possibility for the people to have the baby with brown eyes. Find out babies facts here.

Facts about Blue Eyes 8: the two different eye colors

It is possible for the person to have two different colored eyes. This condition is called Waardenburg syndrome. This condition also makes the person has pale blue eyes.

Blue Eyes Baby

Blue Eyes Baby

Facts about Blue Eyes 9: vitiligo

Vitiligo is also another problem that will likely faced by the person who has blue eyes.

Facts about Blue Eyes 10: the rarity

In some parts of the world, blue eyes are considered rare. However, most people who live in Black Sea or Balkans have blue eyes. Get blonde hair facts here.

Blue Eye

Blue Eye

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