10 Facts about Blue Jays

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If you want to know the bird native to North America, you have to check Facts about Blue Jays. You can find them in the western hemisphere even though most of them are the migratory birds of blue jays. They can be seen living in southern Canada and central and eastern of US. Get more interesting facts about blue jays by reading the following post below:

Facts about Blue Jays 1: the place of living

If you want to spot blue jays, you just can go to some residential areas, coniferous forests and deciduous forests.

Facts about Blue Jays 2: the appearance

The blue jay is dominated by blue feather. It has the blue crest and white underparts and chest. The black border is seen behind the crest. The neck also has a black u shaped collar.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Facts about Blue Jays 3: the diet

Can you tell me the diet of blue jays? They like eating arthropods, acorns, soft fruits, seeds and nuts. If the food is scarce, they will hunt for small vertebrates.

Facts about Blue Jays 4: collecting the food

Blue jays will collect the food by hunting it from the ground, shrubs, and trees. Blue jay and squirrel have a similar behavior. Both like to save nuts to be consumed later.

Blue Jay facts

Blue Jay facts

Facts about Blue Jays 5: the nesting space

The nest is built by the female and male blue jays. The nest is located on the branches of trees. It is an open cup nest.

Facts about Blue Jays 6: the clutch

The female blue jay can deliver around 2-7 eggs. The color is light brown or bluish brown. It has brown spots. The female blue jay broods the clutch for eight to twelve days. The young babies will stay with their parents for 1-2 months. Check birds facts here.

Facts about Blue Jays

Facts about Blue Jays

Facts about Blue Jays 7: the size of blue jay

On average, blue jays have the weight at 2.5 to 3.5 oz or 70 to 100 gram. The length of blue jays is around 9 to 12 inches or 22 to 30 cm. It has the wingspan at 13 to 17 inches.

Facts about Blue Jays 8: the habitat

Blue jays can be found living in the spruce fir forests of northern Ontario and pine woods of Florida. These birds like to live in the woodlands of beeches and oaks.

Blue Jays

Blue Jays

Facts about Blue Jays 9: the behavior

Blue jays are famous with their aggressive, bold and noisy behavior.

Facts about Blue Jays 10: the speed

Blue jays can fly on the sky with the average speed at 20 to 25 miles per hour. Therefore, they are considered as slow fliers. Get birds of prey facts here.

Blue Jay Bird

Blue Jay Bird

Are you fascinated after reading facts about blue jays?

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