10 Facts about Blue Mountains

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Facts about Blue Mountains inform us with the famous national park located in New South Wales, Australia. Many people think that Blue Mountain must be a mountain. Actually it is an uplifted plateau. You can find several rivers located there. This protected national park has the total area of 662,130 acre or 267,954 hectares. Get more interesting facts about Blue Mountains by reading the below post:

Facts about Blue Mountains 1: Mount Werong

Mount Werong is called as the highest point in Blue Mountains.  It has the height at 3,986 feet or 1,215 meters.

Facts about Blue Mountains 2: Nepean River

The lowest point of Blue Mountains is located in Nepean River.  It has the elevation 66 feet or 20 meters below the sea level.

Facts about Blue Mountains

Facts about Blue Mountains

Facts about Blue Mountains 3: an important park

Blue Mountains is a protected area park in Australia. The walking track in the park is included in State Heritage Register. This park is located in the Australian Heritage Register.

Facts about Blue Mountains 4: the famous attraction

Blue Mountains is one of the interesting destinations in Australia. Many tourists who come here like to visits the park located between Blackheath and Wentworth Falls.

Blue Mountains Park

Blue Mountains Park

Facts about Blue Mountains 5: the visitors

The official stated that Blue Mountains was visited by 1.045 people in 1999. However, in 2009, it was only visited by 563,000 people. The number is decreasing. Check Blue John Mine facts here.

Facts about Blue Mountains 6: the rock formation

The rock formation in Blue Mountains is attractive. The notable one is Three Sisters rock formation. You can also access the Katoomba Scenic Railway.

Blue Mountains Beauty

Blue Mountains Beauty

Facts about Blue Mountains 7: the leisure activities

There are various kinds of leisure activities that you can do here such as walking, tracking, rock climbing, mountain biking and abseiling.

Facts about Blue Mountains 8: the animals

You can find a lot of types of animals which live in Blue Mountains. You can spot emu, mammals, and different kinds of birds.

Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

Facts about Blue Mountains 9: the rivers

As I have stated before, there are several large rivers that you can find in Blue Mountains. The Coxs and Wollondilly rivers are located on the south. In the center, you can spot Grose River. The Wollangambe River is situated in the north.

Facts about Blue Mountains 10: the formation

Talking about the formation of Blue Mountains, it was established naturally around 50 million years ago. The high peaks have the occasional outcrops due to the volcanic flows. Get facts about Big Bend National Park here.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains

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