10 Facts about Blue Sharks

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If you want to know the species of requiem shark, you have to look at Facts about Blue Sharks.  It has the scientific name of Prionace glauca. Blue shark will reach a very long distance to migrate. For instance, some of them migrate from New England to reach South America. They like living in cooler water. Therefore, they can be found in deep water of tropical or temperate oceans. Here are other interesting facts about blue sharks for you:

Facts about Blue Sharks 1: the main food

The main foods for blue sharks include squid and small fish. If the food is scarce, they may eat for the larger fish. Get facts about blue crabs here.

Facts about Blue Sharks 2: the large litters

Blue Sharks can produce many litters. It can deliver up to 100 pups. This marine animal has the lifespan up to 20 years.

Facts about Blue Sharks

Facts about Blue Sharks

Facts about Blue Sharks 3: the appearance and body color

The deep blue color is seen on the top part of the body. The underside body is white, while the side has lighter blue shade. It is just like other sharks which have the countershaded body color. The blue sharks have the long pectoral fins on their light body. Find out blue catfish facts here.

Facts about Blue Sharks 4: the female and male blue shark

The female blue shark has the length around 7.2 to 10.8 feet or 2.2 to 3.3 meter.  The male can reach 6.0 to 9.3 feet.

Blue Shark Facts

Blue Shark Facts

Facts about Blue Sharks 5: the weight

The female blue shark has heavier body than the male. In average, the female blue sharks have the weight around 205 to 401 lb or 93 to 182 kilogram. The male has the weight around 60 to 121 lb or 27 to 55 kilogram. The heaviest blue shark has the weight at 862 lb or 391 kilogram.

Facts about Blue Sharks 6: the gestation period

The gestation period of blue shark is 9 to 12 months.  They can deliver 100 to 135 pups per litter. The male is ready to mate when they are four or five years old. The females are mature when they are five to six years old.

Blue Shark

Blue Shark

Facts about Blue Sharks 7: the courtship

The unique courtship is seen on the behavior of the female biting the male. This behavior is believed to occur due to the presence of bite scarring.

Facts about Blue Sharks 8: the place of living

You can find blue sharks living in the tropical and deep temperature waters. The divers often spot the blue sharks in the temperate oceans.

Blue Sharks

Blue Sharks

Facts about Blue Sharks 9: the continent

You can find blue sharks in all continents in the world, but not in Antarctica.

Facts about Blue Sharks 10: fishing

The population of blue shark will be decreased due to the extensive fishing.  There are around 10 to 20 million sharks killed by human.

Facts about Blue Sharks

Facts about Blue Sharks

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