10 Facts about blueberries

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Check out the information about the perennial flowering plants in Facts about Blueberries. The berries produced by this plant are in indigo color. It is included in the genus Vaccinium along with cranberries. Blueberries are the important commodities in North America. Now they are cultivated in European countries too. Let’s find out more interesting facts about blueberries below:

Facts about Blueberries 1: the shrubs

The size of the blueberry shrubs can reach the height at 3.9 inches to 13 feet or 4 meters. There are two types of blueberries in the commercial production. It can be small or large. The latter one is called the high bush blueberries. The smaller one is called the low bush blueberries.

Facts about Blueberries 2: the flowers

The flowers of blueberries are available in red, pale pink or white color. They are in bell shaped look.

Blueberries Color

Blueberries Color

Facts about Blueberries 3: the leaves

The width of blueberries is around 0.20 to 1.38 inches. The length of the leaves is around 1 to 8 inches. They can be evergreen or even ovate leaves.

Facts about Blueberries 4: the fruit

Blueberries are famous with their fruit. The diameter of the fruit is around 5 to 16 millimeters. A first, the blueberry fruits are in pale greenish color. Then they will turn into reddish purple and dark purple when the blueberries ripe.

Blueberries Pic

Blueberries Pic

Facts about Blueberries 5: the taste of blueberries

The taste of blueberries depends on the acidity.  You can enjoy the sweet taste when they are mature.

Facts about Blueberries 6: the harvest

Blueberries are ready to be harvested in the middle of the growing season.  The people who live in the northern hemisphere can have the peak crops of blueberries in May to August. Actually the harvesting time is affected by the latitude and altitude.

Blueberries Facts

Blueberries Facts

Facts about Blueberries 7: the blueberries fruits as commodities

Blueberries are very important for they are sold in various stores in town. The people buy the dried, juice, puree, or even processed blueberries. Find banana trees facts here.

Facts about Blueberries 8: the consumer goods

Blueberries are made in various consumer goods such as jams, muffins, cereals, snack foods, blueberry pies and jellies.

Blueberries Fruit

Blueberries Fruit

Facts about Blueberries 9: the blueberry jam

If you like to enjoy the homemade blueberry jam, you can use the combination of fruit pectin, water, sugar and blueberries. Get avocado facts here.

Facts about Blueberries 10: the wine

Blueberry can be made into wine too.  The fermentation involves with skin and flesh of blueberries. When the wine is matured, it is ready to serve.

Facts about Blueberries

Facts about Blueberries

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