10 Facts about Bluebirds

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If you love with birds, you have to check Facts about Bluebirds.  The flying animals are included in the genus Sialia and order Passerines. They are the omnivorous orinsetivorous birds. The body size is medium and they are called bluebirds due to the blue feather on the body.  The male bluebirds have brighter color if you compare them with female bluebirds. Let’s find out more interesting facts about bluebirds by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bluebirds 1: the species

Can you mention the species of bluebirds? There are three species available. Those are the mountain bluebirds, eastern bluebirds and western bluebirds. Find out blue jays facts here.

Facts about Bluebirds 2: the place of living

It will be easier for you to spot bluebirds in open grassland with scattered trees. It is considered as their favorite place of living. There is no need to wonder that this behavior of bluebirds is always associated with woodpecker.



Facts about Bluebirds 3: the reproduction habit

The breeding time for bluebirds occurs in March to August for the bluebirds which live in Northeastern United States. The bluebirds will deliver 2-4 babies.

Facts about Bluebirds 4: the special behavior for mating season

During the mating season, the male bluebirds will do anything to attract the female bluebirds.  They will flap wings or even sing to attract the prospective female bluebirds.



Facts about Bluebirds 5: the incubating eggs

The female bluebirds will accept the male bluebirds through mating on the nest site built by the male. After that, the female bluebirds will build their own nesting site that they use to incubate the eggs. Find out bird migration facts here.

Facts about Bluebirds 6: the predators

Raccoons, cats and snakes are some predators which hunt bluebirds. The American crow, starling, and house sparrows are some examples of bird species which always compete with bluebirds to get nesting site. They often kill the adult bluebirds, smash the eggs, and kill the young.

Bluebird Facts

Bluebird Facts

Facts about Bluebirds 7: the declined population of bluebirds

The population of bluebirds was reportedly decreased up to 70 percent by 1970s for they could not compete with starlings and house sparrows.

Facts about Bluebirds 8: the southern United States

The relieving news about bluebird sighting was reported by Laboratory of Ornithology of Cornell University in 2005. The bluebirds were spotted in southern states of US.

Bluebirds Facts

Bluebirds Facts

Facts about Bluebirds 9: garden birds

Due to the beautiful feather, the home owners love to have a garden bird by attracting bluebirds.

Facts about Bluebirds 10: a symbol

Bluebirds are always linked with happiness in various songs and popular culture.

Bluebird Pictures

Bluebird Pictures

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