10 Facts about Blur

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The famous English rock band is explained in Facts about Blur.  It was established in 1988 in London. In 1991, Blur made their debut by releasing the first album Leisure. This band is important in the development of Britpop. It achieves a great deal of success in United Kingdom. There is no need to wonder that Blur is always called as the main rival of Oasis. Get more facts about Blur below:

Facts about Blur 1: the current members

Let’s find out the current members of Blur. They include drummer Dave Rowntree, bassist Alex James, guitarist/singer Graham Coxon and singer/keyboardist Damon Albarn.

Facts about Blur 2: the inspirations

The musicians who inspire Blur to create new songs include XTC, the Beatles and the Kinks.



Facts about Blur 3: the albums

Some of Blur’s albums include The Great Escape (1995), Parklife (1994) and Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993).

Facts about Blur 4: the mainstream success in United States

Blur embraces wider audiences through the release of “Song 2”. This song earned the band a major success in US. It was included in the album Blur (1997). The songs were inspired from the lo-fi style of indie rock groups in America.

Blur Picture

Blur Picture

Facts about Blur 5: another experiment

Blur had another experiment for their album in 13 (1999). Albarn created more personal lyrics on the songs. Moreover, the music was influenced by the gospel and electronic music.

Facts about Blur 6: Coxon

Coxon decided to leave Blur during the recording of Think Tank in May 2002. The album was released in 2003. It was the 7th album of Blur. Check Black Sabbath facts here.

Blur Members

Blur Members

Facts about Blur 7: Think Tank

Think Tank is another experimental album from Blur. It was heavily influenced by the African and hip hop music. You can hear the minimal guitar works and more electronic sounds in the album.

Facts about Blur 8: reunion

After Coxon left the band, the members of Blur were busy with their project. There was no tour or even studio work. Blur had a series of concerts in 2009 when Coxon and Blur reunited.

Blur Facts

Blur Facts

Facts about Blur 9: an award

Blur earned a Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 2012. Get facts about Blink 182 here.

Facts about Blur 10: The Magic Whip

The fans of Blur must be happy to find out that Blur releases The Magic Whip in April 2015 after a long time of hiatus. The album is a major success for Blur. Coxon who left the band in the past returns to create the album for their fans.

facts about Blur

facts about Blur

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