10 Facts about BMX

Tuesday, July 28th 2015. | Sports

Find out the cycle sport performed using the BMX bikes in Facts about BMX. BMX stands for bicycle motorcross. This cycle sport gains a lot of attention from the young teenagers.  There is no need to wonder that riding a BMX can be a source of off road and on road leisure. The professional people can follow the competitive BMX racing to show their skill. Check out more interesting facts about BMX by reading the following post below:

Facts about BMX 1: the BMX racing

If you are interested to follow the BMX racing, you need to find out the off road bicycle for racing. It usually involves a single lap race track just like the motocross racing.

Facts about BMX 2: the tract

There will be a starting gate for the 8 BMX racers. They have to race by making different kinds of rollers and jumps to access course before they arrive on the finish line. Get facts about bicycle here.



Facts about BMX 3: the course

The racers have to access the flat course. There are several large banked corners on the course which enables the racers to maintain the speed. The width of the course usually is 4.6 meter or 15 feet.

Facts about BMX 4: the rules

The rules of BMX racing are established by the international as well as the regional bodies. The rules are used to define the skill level as well as age group classification. Moreover, it also defines the rules of scores and flying.

Facts about BMX

Facts about BMX

Facts about BMX 5: the family oriented sport

The riders who can participate in BMX racing are from the age of 2 to 70 years. Therefore, BMX is called as a family oriented racing for all members of family can follow the race.

Facts about BMX 6: the major sizes for BMX bikes

There are two types of bikes commonly used during the racing. The bike is seen based on the wheel size. You can opt for the bigger bikes which sit on 24 inches of wheels. It is often called as cruise bikes. The other one is the 20 inch wheel bike.

BMX Facts

BMX Facts

Facts about BMX 7: the cruise bikes

The cruiser bike has the wheels at 24 inches. But you still call the bike with wheel more 24 inches as a cruise bike. This type of bike is often used by the elderly racers.

Facts about BMX 8: the important things to learn

If you want to be a winner, you have to learn more on the bike handling, power, strength and quickness.

BMX Action

BMX Action

Facts about BMX 9: the extreme race

If you are interested with the extreme sport for BMX racing, you can follow the Freestyle BMX.

Facts about BMX 10: the popularity

The popularity of freestyle BMX was in peak in 1987. Since it is very extreme, you should do it under the supervision of professionals.

BMX Bike

BMX Bike

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