10 Facts about BNP

Tuesday, July 28th 2015. | Politics

Facts about BNP tell you about the British National Party in United Kingdom. In 1982, this fat right British nationalist political party was established by John Tyndall. The establishment of this BNP occurred after several political parties decided to join and merge into BNP. Get more interesting facts about BNP by reading the following post below:

Facts about BNP 1: Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin was the leader of British National Party in 1999 till 2014. Adam Walker was the acting chairman who replaced Griffin as the leader in July 2014.

Facts about BNP 2: the ideology

The people believe that British National Party has the neo fascist or fascist ideology. However, the party denies it.  The party objects the same sex marriage and encourages the reintroduction of capital punishment.

BNP Facts

BNP Facts

Facts about BNP 3: David Cameron

David Cameron is one of the notable persons who criticize British National party due to their ideologies.

Facts about BNP 4: the membership

The recruitment for membership in British National Party is only for the indigenous British people. Moreover, the people who are from certain jobs or occupations are prohibited to become a member.



Facts about BNP 5: the election in 2008-2009

In 2008-2009, British national party had an electoral breakthrough for the party earned more than 50 local council seats.

Facts about BNP 6: Members of the European Parliament

Due to their breakthrough during the election in 2008-2009, Andrew Brons and Nick Griffin were appointed as Members of the European Parliament.

Facts about BNP

Facts about BNP

Facts about BNP 7: the decline

The decline of membership in British National Party occurred in 2010 after this party could not secure their seats. Find out an American politician in facts about Bobby Jindal here.

Facts about BNP 8: the opposition of BNP

The main opposition of BNP is UAF or Unite against Fascism. This party is considered as the most vocal opponent for BNP. BNP is challenged by the high profile people due to their definition of being British. Therefore, University of St Andrews Union Debating Society canceled the participation of Nick Griffin in a debate of multiculturalism in 2005 after protests.

BNP Image

BNP Image

Facts about BNP 9: the dispute

BNP was caught in disputes and controversies.  BNP was criticized by the family of Winston Churchill after the quotes and images of him were shows in BNP campaign. Get facts about black power here.

Facts about BNP 10: the breakaway parties

The membership of BNP is declined. Some of them made their breakaway parties. One of them is the New Nationalist Party. It can last for 12 months. Sharon Ebanks established this party on 11 December 2006. Other breakaway parties include Britain First, British Freedom Party and Patria.

BNP Picture

BNP Picture

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