10 Facts about Boa Constrictors

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The heavy bodies snake is explained in Facts about Boa Constrictors. This animal is huge. This snake can be found living in South, Central and North America. It is included in the family Boidae. The pattern and color of boa is unique. It comes in different variants. Get more interesting facts about boa constrictors by reading the below post:

Facts about Boa Constrictors 1: the name

Boa is considered as the only species of boids which takes the name the boa constrictor. B. c. constrictor is considered as the subspecies of boa constructor. People often call it red tailed boa.

Facts about Boa Constrictors 2: the length of boa constrictor

The length of boa constrictor depends on the suitable prey and location. On average, it can reach the length around 0.91 to 3.96 meters or 3 to 13 feet.

Facts about Boa Constrictors

Facts about Boa Constrictors

Facts about Boa Constrictors 3: the female and male boa constrictor

The male boa constrictors have smaller body than the female.  The males have the length around 1.8 to 2.4 meters, while the female boas are 2.1 to 3 meters.

Facts about Boa Constrictors 4: the weight

Can you guess the weight of boa constrictor?  The female can reach the weight are 22 to 33 lbs.

Boa Constrictor

Boa Constrictor

Facts about Boa Constrictors 5: the weight and size

The availability of the suitable prey, locale and subspecies affect the weight and size of boa constrictors.

Facts about Boa Constrictors 6: the sexual dimorphism

The longer pelvic spurs and tail can be seen on the male boa constrictor.  During the mating season, they will be used to stimulate and arouse the female boas. Find out another snake in black mambas facts here.

Boa Constrictor Facts

Boa Constrictor Facts

Facts about Boa Constrictors 7: the color

It is not easy to define the exact color of boa constrictor. The locality affects the body color of boa. The most common colors that you can spot on boa constrictors are cream, grey and brown. They serve as the base color. It features the reddish brown or brown pattern. The reddish color can be seen on the tail. That’s why it is called as the red tailed boa.

Facts about Boa Constrictors 8: the function of the color

Due to the color, boa constrictors can blend well with the environment. They can be found living in forest and jungles. They can hide perfectly due to the body color.

Boa Constrictor Head

Boa Constrictor Head

Facts about Boa Constrictors 9: albinism

Albinism is possibly found out in boa constrictor even though the case is very rare.

Facts about Boa Constrictors 10: the range

Boa constrictor can be found living in various locations such as in Uruguay, Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela and many more. Find out another animal in black panthers facts.

Boa Constrictor Picture

Boa Constrictor Picture

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