10 Facts about Board Games

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Get the interesting Facts about Board Games below. The family like kids, parents and grandparents love to play the board games in their leisure time. There are several rules set to play this game. The way you play the game can be based on the chance or strategy. If it involves with the rolling dice, it is all about chances. But some board games are played based on the combination of strategy and chances. Here are some interesting facts about board games:

Facts about Board Games 1: the early example of board games

In this modern era, you can find different kinds of board games. If you check out the earlier example of board games, it involves with a battle between two armies.

Facts about Board Games 2: the modern day board games

The modern board games still focuses on defeating the players. It can involve the accrual of points, winning position or counters.

Board Games Facts

Board Games Facts

Facts about Board Games 3: the theme

The board games can be made based on some specific themes or with no inherent theme. The example of the latter one is checkers. Cluedo is the example of the board game with a specific narrative and theme.

Facts about Board Games 4: the rule

The rules for board games can be simple or complicated. If you want to play Dungeons & Dragons, you have to know the game rules in details.

Board Games Types

Board Games Types

Facts about Board Games 5: Tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe is another popular board game. The rule of this game is very simple.

Facts about Board Games 6: the board game from Egyptian culture

The board game has been known since the ancient time. The ancient Egyptian board games include Mehen and Senet. Check Blade Runner facts here.

Facts about Board Games

Facts about Board Games

Facts about Board Games 7: other ancient board games

The other ancient boards games include Go from China, Pachisi and Chaupar from India, and Patolli from ancient Aztec.

Facts about Board Games 8: chess

Chess is still one of the most popular board games.  The winner of this game must be skillful for it is not affected by luck.

Board Games

Board Games

Facts about Board Games 9: the children game

If you check out the children’s board games, most of them involve with luck than strategy. One of them is Snakes and Ladder. Get facts about bioshock here.

Facts about Board Games 10:the rolling dice

The rolling dice is used in various board games such as cribbage, Monopoly, backgammon and Risk. Even though the rolling dice is based on luck, you have to be a skillful player to win in those games.

Board Game

Board Game

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