10 Facts about Boarding Schools

Wednesday, July 29th 2015. | Education

If you are interested to discuss education, check Facts about Boarding Schools. The boarding school is totally different from the common schools. All of the students at school will live and study at school along with their fellow students. The principals and teachers probably will live in the school too. Let’s find out more interesting facts about boarding schools by reading the following post below:

Facts about Boarding Schools 1: the word boarding school

The word boarding is derived from bed and board.

Facts about Boarding Schools 2: the school time

The boarding schools are not strict in some areas. Some of them allow the students to go to school during the day. During the evening, they can return to their families.

Boarding School Pic

Boarding School Pic

Facts about Boarding Schools 3: the private schools

Many boarding schools in the world are the private or independent schools. The students will live inside the school. But they will go home to meet their families during the school holidays. There is no need to wonder the most childhood and adolescent time of these students are spent in the school, not in the house with their families. Find out facts about being a teacher here.

Facts about Boarding Schools 4: the grades

There are various grades that have to be followed by the boarding schools in United States. It can last until the high school years probably at grades nine or twelve.

facts about Boarding Schools

facts about Boarding Schools

Facts about Boarding Schools 5: the younger children

The younger children are sent to boarding schools for various reasons.  They will have to follow the grade two till eight.

Facts about Boarding Schools 6: the military boarding school

If the students are enrolled in the military boarding school, he or she has to follow the training and education based on the military curriculum.

Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools

Facts about Boarding Schools 7: the college entrance

The students who are afraid with the college entrance may follow the post graduate year. This program is offered in most American boarding schools. The main purpose is to help the students to prepare for the college.

Facts about Boarding Schools 8: Internat-schools

Internat-school is the term used to call the boarding school located in the former Soviet Union. The school was focused on a specific major. It can be in sport, language, mathematics or science.

Boarding School

Boarding School

Facts about Boarding Schools 9: the special needs

There are some boarding schools established for the students with special need.  It can be the boarding school for the deaf and blind students. Find out facts about Baylor University here.

Facts about Boarding Schools 10: the rules

The students of the boarding schools will be able to leave the school if they have permission. The boarding school usually features a school ground with a separate residential house for the students to sleep after the school time.

Boarding Schools facts

Boarding Schools facts

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