10 Facts about Bob Fosse

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Facts about Bob Fosse tell you about the notable American director, dancer, screenwriter, actor, film director, and musical theater choreographer. He was born on 23 June 1927 in Chicago, Illinois and passed away on 23 September 1987. During to his direction of cabaret, he won an Academy Award. Due to his excellent choreography, he earned 8 Tony awards. Here are other interesting facts about Bob Fosse below:

Facts about Bob Fosse 1: parents

His mother was Sara Alice Fosse. He was an Irish born woman. His father was Cyril k. Fosse. He was a Norwegian American father. There were six kids in the family and Fosse was the second youngest child.

Facts about Bob Fosse 2: The Riff Brothers

The Riff Brothers was the collaboration between Bob Fosse and Charles Grass. After both became a team, they made a tour in Chicago.

Facts about Bob Fosse

Facts about Bob Fosse

Facts about Bob Fosse 3: Tough Situation

Tough Situation was a variety show in which Fosse was included.  In the variety show, he was able to have tour in the naval and military bases in Pacific.

Facts about Bob Fosse 4: Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire was a legend. He inspired Fosse to become a wonderful dancer. He had an ambition to become the next Fred Astaire by moving to New York.

Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse

Facts about Bob Fosse 5: the MGM contract

In 1953, Fosse had a contract deal with MGM. Before he had a deal, he appeared with his fellow friend, Niles in Colgate Comedy Hour.

Facts about Bob Fosse 6: the early works

The early appearance of Fosses was in 1953. You can spot him in Kiss Me Kate, The Affairs of Dobie Gillis and Give a Girl a Break. Check out Bertolt Brecht facts here.

Bob Fosse Young

Bob Fosse Young

Facts about Bob Fosse 7: moving to theater

He had to move to theater when the Broadway producers were interested with his choreography. The Pajama Game was the first musical that he choreographed in 1954. In 1955, he choreographed George Abbott’s Damn Yankees.

Facts about Bob Fosse 8: Gwen Verdon

In 1960, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon married. She was a rising star in Damn Yankees. Both met in the movie. This young lady earned Best Actress of Tony Award due to her role in Damn Yankees.

Bob Fosse Facts

Bob Fosse Facts

Facts about Bob Fosse 9: New Girl in Town

New Girl in Town is another work directed by Abbott. The choreographer was Fosse. Due to the wonderful performance, Verdon received her second Best Actress Award. Find out Beryl Cook facts here.

Facts about Bob Fosse 10: stage production as an actor

Some of his stage productions which included him as actor were The Roaring Twenties in 1951, Call Me Mister in 1947, Pal Joey in 1952 and Dance Me a Song in1950.

Bob Fosse Dances

Bob Fosse Dances

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