10 Facts about Bob Hawke

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Check out the notable Australian politician in Facts about Bob Hawke. He was born on 9 December 1929 as Robert James Lee Hawke. In 1983 till 1991, he became the leader of Labor party and Prime minister of Australia. He became a research officer in Australian Council of Trade Unions after he graduated from Oxford University in 1956. Find out more facts about Hawke below:

Facts about Bob Hawke 1: the popularity of Hawke

Hawke was very popular due to his wage arbitration. In 1969, he became the president of Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Facts about Bob Hawke 2: politics

Hawke was interested to enter the politics after he became the president of ACTU for almost a decade. Since he was very popular, it was very easy for him to be elected as the member of House of Representatives.

Facts about Bob Hawke

Facts about Bob Hawke

Facts about Bob Hawke 3: the Prime Minister

Three years after he was elected in the House of Representative, Hawke took the highest position as the Prime Minister of Australia from the Labor party. He was appointed as the most successful leader in the Labor party for he could lead his party in a victorious moment in the election in 1984, 1987 and 1990.

Facts about Bob Hawke 4: what he did as prime minister

There were several regulations that he made when he became a prime minister. His government introduced the Family Assistance Scheme, brokered the Prices and Incomes Accord, established Medicare and Landcare, and many more. Get facts about Bobby Jindal here.



Facts about Bob Hawke 5: Paul Keating

In the late 1991, Paul Keating took the position of Hawke.  Even though he was not the leader anymore, Hawke is still considered as the third longest serving PM of Australia and Labor Party. Moreover, he is the oldest living former PM of Australia.

Facts about Bob Hawke 6: the parents

His mother was a schoolteacher. Her name was Edith. His father was a Congregationalist minister named Clem Hawke. He was the second child in the family.

Bob Hawke Picture

Bob Hawke Picture

Facts about Bob Hawke 7: the role model

Hawke considered John Curtin as his role model. In 1953 and 1959, his uncle named Albert served as the Labor Premier of Western Australia. Albert and Curtin were close friends.

Facts about Bob Hawke 8: joining the labor party

When he was 18 years old, Hawke joined Labor party in 1947.

Bob Hawke Now

Bob Hawke Now

Facts about Bob Hawke 9: education

In 1952, he earned a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Perth Modern School and the University of Western Australia. Then he got a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics after enrolling at Oxford University. Get facts about Bill Clinton here.

Facts about Bob Hawke 10: personal life

In 1956, Hawke married Hazel Masterson. In 1995, both divorced. Then he married Blanche d’Alpuget.

Bob Hawke Facts

Bob Hawke Facts

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