10 Facts about Bob Hope

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Check out the interesting Facts about Bob Hope if you want to know the famous American singer, comedian, athlete, vaudevillian, author, dancer and singer. He was born on 29 May 1903 and passed away on 27 July 2003. He was born as Leslie Townes Hope. Find out other facts below:

Facts about Bob Hope 1: the popularity

Due to his magnificent popularity and skill, he was in the entertainment industry for more than 80 years.

Facts about Bob Hope 2: films and short films

You can find him featured in at least 70 movies. Hope was casted along with Dorothy Lamour and Bing Crosby in the Road movie series.

Facts about Bob Hope

Facts about Bob Hope

Facts about Bob Hope 3: a host

Hope became the host for Academy Award for 14 times.  He was also famous as an author for various books. You can also see him in TV roles and different stage productions.

Facts about Bob Hope 4: the signature tune

If you want to know the signature tune of Bob Hope, you have to listen to his song with the title “Thanks for the Memory”.



Facts about Bob Hope 5: the tour

In 1941 till 1991, Hope had performed at least 57 tours for the United Service Organizations or USO. He loved to entertain the military personnel of United States. In 1997, the US Armed Forces awarded him with an honorary veteran. Get facts about Betty White here.

Facts about Bob Hope 6: the early life

Let’s find out the early life of Hope. His mother was Avis Townes. She worked as a light opera singer. His father was William Henry Hope. There were seven sons in the family and he was the fifth son.

Bob Hope Style

Bob Hope Style

Facts about Bob Hope 7: sport

Hope was not only an actor or singer. He was also athlete. He liked to do various sports such as boxing and golf.

Facts about Bob Hope 8: Educational Pictures of New York

During his early career as an actor, Educational Pictures of New York signed him for 6 short movies. Going Spanish released in 1934 was considered as the first comedy movie. After watching the movie, Hope dissatisfied with the movie. Therefore, he walked away from Educational Pictures.  Then Warner Brothers signed him.

Bob Hope Facts

Bob Hope Facts

Facts about Bob Hope 9: Road movies

The prominent movies of Bob Hope were Road movie series. It consisted for several movies. Some of them were Road to Utopia (1946), The Road to Hong Kong (1962), Road to Morocco (1942), Road to Singapore (1940), and Road to Zanzibar (1941). Find out facts about Bill Cosby here.

Facts about Bob Hope 10: the personal life

Grace Louise Troxell and Hope had a short lived marriage.  In January 1933, both married. In November 1934, both divorced. Then he married Dolores (DeFina) Reade in 1934.

Bob Hope Picture

Bob Hope Picture

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