10 Facts about Bob Ross

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Find out the information about the famous American art instructor, painter, and TV host in Facts about Bob Ross. Robert Norman Ross was born on 29 October 1942 and passed away on 4 July 1995. The famous TV program that he hosted is The Joy of Painting.  This program was very famous. It was aired by PBS not only in US, but also in Europe and Canada. Check out the detail facts about Bob Ross below:

Facts about Bob Ross 1: place of birth

Ross was born in Daytona Beach, Florida on 29 October 1942. Ross had an accident which made him lost part of his left index finger when he worked as a carpenter along with his father. However, this condition did not stop him to become a wonderful painter.

Facts about Bob Ross 2: military career

Ross also had a military career. When he was 18 years old, he went to United States Air Force. He got the position as a master sergeant. Then he rose as the first sergeant at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska for Air Force Clinic. He was in the military as a medical record technician.

Bob Ross Hair

Bob Ross Hair

Facts about Bob Ross 3: the inspiration

The beauty of snowy Alaska became one of his main inspirations of his works in the future years.

Facts about Bob Ross 4: the leisure time

When he was off the duty, he created art for sale by applying a quick painting technique.

Facts about Bob Ross

Facts about Bob Ross

Facts about Bob Ross 5: retirement

Bob Ross decided to retire after he had worked for at least 20 years in the Air Force. He changed his mind to become a painter after he believed that he could earn money more than in Air force. Before he decided to retire, he worked as a part time bartender in Alaska. At that time, he found on The Magic World of Oil Painting. It was a TV show hosted by Bill Alexander. He was German Painter. When he retired, he held a position as a Master Sergeant.

Facts about Bob Ross 6: The Joy of Painting

It seems that his decision to retire from the Air Force was correct for he became the famous worldwide host in The Joy of Painting. Get facts about Bauhaus here.

Bob Ross Painting Style

Bob Ross Painting Style

Facts about Bob Ross 7: the first run

On 11 January 1983 till 17 May 1994, the Joy with Painting had its first run.

Facts about Bob Ross 8: the content of The Joy with Painting

If you watch The Joy with Painting, Ross will show you the quick study technique of making oil painting.

Bob Ross Painter

Bob Ross Painter

Facts about Bob Ross 9: Oprah

Ross was invited to do an Oprah show. But he stepped back from the show for it talked about the couple who were in business together. Ross made it clear that he focused on painting. Get facts about block printing here.

Facts about Bob Ross 10: death

On 4 July 1995, Ross passed away.  In the beginning of 1990s, he was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Bob Ross

Bob Ross

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