10 Facts about Bobby Jones

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Let me show you the interesting Facts about Bobby Jones in the below explanation. Jones is the notable amateur golfer from United States. He was born on 17 March 1902 and passed away on 18 December 1971. Actually his profession was a lawyer. Get more facts about Bobby Jones by reading the below post:

Facts about Bobby Jones 1: the cofounder

Bobby Jones was the co-founder of Masters Tournament. He was also one of the persons who held the establishment of Augusta National Golf Club.

Facts about Bobby Jones 2: the success

Even though Bobby Jones was only an amateur golfer, he was very successful not only in the national but also international scale.

Facts about Bobby Jones

Facts about Bobby Jones

Facts about Bobby Jones 3: the peak of his career

The peak of his career was in 1923 till 1930. You can find him defeating some of the best professional golfers in the world. He was the dominant golfer in the amateur golf competition.

Facts about Bobby Jones 4: the gold stars

Some of the golf stars that Jones defeated were Gene Sarazen and Walter Hagen.  Jones never used golf as the main way to earn a living. He did golf for the part time basis.

Bobby Jones Pic

Bobby Jones Pic

Facts about Bobby Jones 5: the retirement

Jones focused more on his profession as a lawyer. When he was 28 years old, he decided to retire from golf. Actually he had earned a great deal of money as an amateur golf player. Find out Bethany Hamilton facts here.

Facts about Bobby Jones 6: grand Slam

The people who love Bobby Jones must remember his Grand Slam.  He took the record of winning all four major tournaments. He was the winner in the UK and US amateur and open golf championship in 1930.

Bobby Jones Golfer

Bobby Jones Golfer

Facts about Bobby Jones 7: after retirement from golf

After he retired from golf as a player, he helped the establishment of Augusta National Golf.

Facts about Bobby Jones 8: the confusion

Many people were often confused to distinguish Bobby Jones and Robert Trent Jones. The latter was the professional golf course designer. Both of them often worked together. To avoid the confusion, the designer was called Trent, while Jones was called Bobby.

Bobby Jones Facts

Bobby Jones Facts

Facts about Bobby Jones 9: the health problem

It was very sad to know that Bobby had syringomyelia. This health condition made him have crippling pain and paralysis. Get facts about Barry Sanders here.

Facts about Bobby Jones 10: death

On 18 December 1971, Bobby Jones passed away in Atlanta. He decided to covert his religion to Catholicism three days before he died.

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones

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