10 Facts about Bobcats

Thursday, July 30th 2015. | Animals

Find out the interesting information about the animal which has the scientific name Lynx rufus in Facts about Bobcats. This animal appeared 1.8 million years ago during the Irvingtonian stage. It is included in the Felidae family. This North American mammal has 12 subspecies. If you are curious to find out other interesting facts about bobcats, check the following post below:

Facts about Bobcats 1: the range

Let’s find out the range of bobcats. You can find them living in United States, northern Mexico, or southern Canada.

Facts about Bobcats 2: the habitat

Bobcats can be found living in the urban edge, wooded areas, swampland regions, semi desert environment and forest edges.

Bobcat Fur

Bobcat Fur

Facts about Bobcats 3: the population

The population of bobcats is in the bridge of vulnerability. It has to compete with other animals such as coyotes.  If the population of bobcats is reduced significantly, the pest cannot be controlled naturally.

Facts about Bobcats 4: the appearance of bobcats

Bobcats are characterized with the black tufted ears, brown coat, and whiskered face. The Canada Lynx has the smaller body size.

Facts about Bobcats

Facts about Bobcats

Facts about Bobcats 5: the diet

Hares and rabbits are considered as the favorite foods for bobcats. If they cannot find any hares or rabbits, the bobcats will eat geese, chickens, insects, rodents and birds.  The type of food depends on the season, availability and habitat. Find out Big Cats facts here.

Facts about Bobcats 6: marking the territory

Bobcats are considered as territorial and solitary animals just like the common cats. They will mark the territory by using feces, urine or marking claws.

Cute Bobcat

Cute Bobcat

Facts about Bobcats 7: hunting bobcats

Bobcats are hunted by human being for various reasons. They people want to take the fur of bobcats. Others hunt this animal just for sport.

Facts about Bobcats 8: the breeding season

The gestation period of bobcats lasts for two months. The breeding season lasts in the winter until the spring seasons.



Facts about Bobcats 9: the weight and size of adult bobcats

The length of an adult bobcat is 18.7 to 49.2 inches or 47.5 to 125 cm. It is measured from head to the tail. The weight of an adult male bobcat is 14 to 40 lb. The female has the weight around 8.8 to 33.7 lb. The largest one is spotted with the weight at 49 lbs. Get facts about Bengal cats here.

Facts about Bobcats 10: the unique behavior

Bobcats have a unique behavior which makes them included as a crepuscular animal. There is no need to wonder that bobcats will keep moving for three hours before dawn and after sunrise, and before sunset and about midnight.



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