10 Facts about Bode Miller

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Find out the interesting information about the famous world cup alpine ski race in Facts about Bode Miller. He was born on 12 October 1977. He takes the record as the most successful male alpine ski racer of all time from United States. It is due to the fact that Samuel Bode Miller earns gold medal in Olympic and World Championship. Get more interesting facts about Bode Miller by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bode Miller 1: the World Cup Racers

Miller earned 33 victories which made him included as one of the greatest World Cup racers in the world. He also won in all five disciplines.

Facts about Bode Miller 2: the world cup race in 2004

He takes the record as the fifth man who won the World Cup races in November 2004. He won the giant slalom, slalom, downhill, Super G and combined.

Facts about Bode Miller

Facts about Bode Miller

Facts about Bode Miller 3: the Winter Olympics

If you compare his victories with other skiers of United States, he wins the most medals. During the winter Olympics, he earned six medals. In Super-G, he got silver. In 2002 Salt Lake City, he was awarded with two silvers in giant slalom and combined. Get facts about Alpine Skiing here.

Facts about Bode Miller 4: other medals

In Sochi 2014, he got a bronze in Super-G. In Vancouver 2010, he earned a bronze for the downhill, silver for Super-G and a gold for the super combined.

Bode Miller

Bode Miller

Facts about Bode Miller 5: the place of birth

Miller is the son of Woody Miller and Jo Kenney. He was born in Easton, New Hampshire. He was raised in Franconia.  It is considered as a ski region located in a small area of New Hampshire.

Facts about Bode Miller 6: the family life

The family life of Miller is unique. He and his family lived in the forest.  Their house was made of log without indoor plumbing or even electricity.

Bode Miller Skier

Bode Miller Skier

Facts about Bode Miller 7: the education

He studied in public school after his parents divorced.  Until he was in the third grade, he had a homeschooling. He went to a ski racing academy located in Maine called Carrabassett Valley Academy after he got a scholarship.

Facts about Bode Miller 8: the public recognition

The public began to recognize Miller as a young and promising skier in 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics where he won two silver medals.

Bode Miller Facts

Bode Miller Facts

Facts about Bode Miller 9: the international career

Even though public began to know him in 2002, actually had been in international skiing scene since 1996. At that time, he was 18 years old. Find out another athlete in facts about Bobby Moore.

Facts about Bode Miller 10: a comeback

In 2015, Miller tries to make a comeback after he had a back surgery.  During the super-G race, he had an accident which made him to leave the championship.

Bode Miller Cries

Bode Miller Cries

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