10 Facts about Bodiam Castle

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Check Facts about Bodiam Castle in the following post below. Bodiam Castle is the famous castle located in East Sussex, England. It was constructed in 14th century. The former knight of Edward III named Sir Edward Dalyngrigge built this castle in 1385. Richard II gave him permission to construct the castle. This castle was famous during the Hundred Years’ War against the French attack.

Facts about Bodiam Castle 1: the features of Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle has the inner courts and outer defensive walls. You can find several chambers located on the outer walls. The towers are used to mark the entrance and corners of Bodiam Castle.

Facts about Bodiam Castle 2: the landscape

One of the important features in the Bodiam Castle is the artificial water landscape. It is used as a part of the defense systems in the castle.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

Facts about Bodiam Castle 3: the house

Bodiam Castle was considered the house for the Dalyngrigge family for many years. It was passed from one generation to another generation of Dalyngrigge family. The line of Dalyngrigge family was extinct after the castle was owned by Lewknor family through marriage.

Facts about Bodiam Castle 4: Wars of the Roses

In 1483, Richard II who came from the House of York became the King.  Sir Thomas Lewknor gave his support to the House of Lancaster during the Wars of Roses. Therefore, the Bodiam Castle was surrounded by forces. There was not much resistance that Bodiam had.

Bodiam Castle Facts

Bodiam Castle Facts

Facts about Bodiam Castle 5: the return of the Castle

After the Wars of Roses ended and Henry VIII from House of Lancaster became the king in 1485, the Castle was given to the Lewknor family again.

Facts about Bodiam Castle 6: the owners of the castle

The Bodiam Castle was in the hand of the Lewknor family until 16th century. Then it was owned by Lord Thanet when the English Civil War started in 1641.

Bodiam Castle Beauty

Bodiam Castle Beauty

Facts about Bodiam Castle 7: selling the castle

Bodiam Castle was sold by Lord Thanet to pay the fines.  The castle was abandoned and left into ruins. In 1829, John Fuller bought the castle. Then it was renovated. Get facts about Bletchey Park here.

Facts about Bodiam Castle 8: other owners of the castle

The first Baron Ashcombe, George Cubitt became the owner of Bodiam Castle after it was sold by Fuller. Then it was sold to Lord Curzon.

Bodiam Castle Ruins

Bodiam Castle Ruins

Facts about Bodiam Castle 9: the donation

On his death, Lord Curzon donated his castle to National Trust. Now the people can visit this castle. Find out facts about Bleinheim Palace here.

Facts about Bodiam Castle 10: the restoration

In 1925, Bodiam Castle was owned by National Trust.  This institutioml worked on the restoration by adding roof on the towers.

Bodiam Castle Pic

Bodiam Castle Pic

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