10 Facts about Body Image

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Facts about Body Image talk about the perception of beauty, sexual attractiveness, or even aesthetics of a person on the body. The beauty of human body has been valued from time to time. The people try to meet the standard of the society.  Paul Schilder was the neurologist and psychoanalyst from Austria who coined the body image phrase for the first time. He used it in the title of his book released in 1935 The Image and Appearance of the Human Body. Let’s find out more interesting facts about body image by reading the below post:

Facts about Body Image 1: the usage of body image

Today, body image has been used in various studies such as feminism, philosophy, cultural study, medicine, psychoanalysis, psychiatry and psychology.

Facts about Body Image 2: the relation between the person’s sense and society

The body image of a person is always linked with the standard of body image in the society. There is always a cultural ideal of body image in the society which enables the person to value their body image. However, the way a person sees the body image probably is different with the way others view them.

Facts about Body Image

Facts about Body Image

Facts about Body Image 3: women

It seems that women are very prone to anxiety related to their body image. At least, it was proven by a report of American Psychological Association in 2007.

Facts about Body Image 4: the effect of body image

It is not easy for the people to meet the standard of the body image in the society. There is no need to wonder that it affects the people physically and psychologically.

Body Image Pic

Body Image Pic

Facts about Body Image 5: the factors which affect body image

The person’s sense of body image is influenced by several factors.  Those include the malnutrition, obesity, biological predisposition, politics, media, mental illness and family dynamics.

Facts about Body Image 6: the poor body image

The poor body image is more likely to occur on the overweight and underweight person.  The overweight people are often getting depressed because they are often shown with the diseases related to obesity.

Body Image on Man

Body Image on Man

Facts about Body Image 7: the alternation of body image

The people who have poor body image try to fix it to meet the ideal standard of the society. Some of them choose the instant way by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Others decide to exercise or diet. Get facts about body dysmorphic disorder here.

Facts about Body Image 8: the self image in the media

The media often depicts the standard body image by showing the super thin models.

Body Image

Body Image

Facts about Body Image 9: anorexia nervosa

Some women have anorexia nervosa for they try to maintain the body weight. Find facts about Binge Eating here.

Facts about Body Image 10: plastic surgery procedures

The report found out that plastic surgery procedures were conducted by 225,000 adolescents to alter their physical beauty in 2002.

Body Image Men

Body Image Men

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