10 Facts about Body Language

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Let’s find out the type of nonverbal communication in Facts about Body Language. If you think that the expression of feeling and thought can only be perceived through words, you are wrong. Another way to do it is by using the body language.  It includes the eye movement, body posture, use of space, facial expression, and touch.

Facts about Body Language 1: the occurrence of body language

Actually body language is not only applied by human being. Some animals also have their own body languages.

Facts about Body Language 2: the sign language and body language

If you think that body language and sign language are similar, you are wrong. The sign language is just like the common language for it has grammar system. The meaning of sign language is absolute. The body language does not have any grammar system. Get facts about American Sign Language here.

Body Language Facts

Body Language Facts

Facts about Body Language 3: the interpretation

The body language does not have an absolute meaning for the interpretation is different among countries and cultures.

Facts about Body Language 4: the information

The body language is as important as the verbal language. The recent study finds out that most information transmitted is taken from the body language.

Body Language

Body Language

Facts about Body Language 5: the misunderstanding

To avoid the misunderstanding, it is very important for the person to interpret the body language accurately.

Facts about Body Language 6: the facial expression

The facial expression is included as one of the important parts of body languages. By seeing the facial expression, you will know whether the person is happy, sad, curios, confused, angry, depressed, or excited.

Body Language Image

Body Language Image

Facts about Body Language 7: the accuracy

The accuracy of understanding and interpreting facial expression is high because the facial expression and the body are viewed together at the same.

Facts about Body Language 8: the body posture

The body posture is also included as a body language. The feeling of impatience can be seen when the person is sitting on the chair with their foot kicking slightly.

Body Language Picture

Body Language Picture

Facts about Body Language 9: gestures

The movement of the body parts can be used to sign the body language. It is called as gesture. It may involve the movement of head, legs, arms, fingers, and hands.

Facts about Body Language 10: the example of gesture

When you show the lack of confidence or insecurity, you often have an arm crossed over another.

Facts about Body Language

Facts about Body Language

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