10 Facts about Boer War

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Let find out the history of South Africa in Facts about Boer War.  The first Boer War took place from 16 December 1880 to 23 March 1881. It was considered as the fight between the Transvaal Boers and British. People often call this first Boer War as the Transvaal War or First Anglo-Boer War. Here are other interesting facts about Boer War below:

Facts about Boer War 1: Sir Theophilus Shepstone

Sir Theophilus Shepstone was the person who took over the Transvaal Republic or South African Republic in 1877 for the British government.

Facts about Boer War 2: the Anglo Zulu War

After the Anglo-Zulu War, The British tried to control all colonies in South Africa. The British wanted to establish a confederation in the colonies. Since the Boers disagreed with this decision, the first Boer War occurred.

Facts about Boer War

Facts about Boer War

Facts about Boer War 3: the skill of Boer people

It seems that British people never thought that the Boer people were incredible and skillful. Their performance was impressive due to the great mobility during the war. There is no need to wonder that the battles of Laing’s Nek, Schuinshoogte, Bronkhorstspruit and Majuba Hill made the British people realize the power of Boer people.

Facts about Boer War 4: the Battle of Majuba Hill

During the Battle of Majuba Hill, George Pomeroy Colley was killed. He was very important for Colley was the British commander in chief of Natal.

Boer War

Boer War

Facts about Boer War 5: a truce and treaty

On 6 March, a truce was signed by William Gladstone on the behalf of British Government. On 23 March 1881, a final treaty was signed.  It gave the right for the Boer people to create their government under the sight of Britain. Check Facts about Blitzkrieg here.

Facts about Boer War 6: the first colony in South Africa

In 1653, the first colony in Cape Town, South Africa was formed by Jan van Riebeek. He was a Dutchman. After the colony was established, there were many European people from Germany, France and Netherlands coming here. They were called as the Boers.

Boer War Pic

Boer War Pic

Facts about Boer War 7: the arrival of British people

The British people captured the region of Cape Town in the beginning of 1800s.

Facts about Boer War 8: the fight of Britain and Boers

the Boers protested against the control of British people in the region. In 1814, the Netherlands decided to give up the region.

Boer War Facts

Boer War Facts

Facts about Boer War 9: the ways of life

The life style, rules and laws were changed by the British people for they were considered as the dominant people here.

Facts about Boer War 10: the second Boer war

The second Boer war occurred in 1889 because of the gold founded in Transvaal in 1886. Get facts about blood diamonds here.

Boer War Image

Boer War Image

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