10 Facts about Bog Bodies

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Let me show you the interesting facts about bog bodies in the below post. Have you ever seen bog bodies? They remind you with the mummies from Egypt. The mummification process of bog bodies is conducted naturally for the human cadaver is located inside a peat bog.  You can call the bodies as the bog people. Get the detail facts about bog bodies here:

Facts about Bog Bodies 1: the presence of bog bodies

Bog bodies could be seen since 8000 BCE. It was still found in the World War II.

Facts about Bog Bodies 2: the preservation

The level of preservation of bog bodies is varied depending on the location. But most of them are located in the peat. It is considered as the unifying factor of bog bodies. Some bodies are still complete while other only have skeleton.

Bog Body

Bog Body

Facts about Bog Bodies 3: the remains

The preservation of bog bodies is very different from the ancient human remains. The internal organs as well as the skin remain preserved.

Facts about Bog Bodies 4: the condition

The condition of the surrounding is the important factor which determines the preservation of the bog bodies.  The factors include the lack of oxygen, low temperature and high level of acidic water. Get facts about bogs here.

Facts about Bog Bodies

Facts about Bog Bodies

Facts about Bog Bodies 5: the bones

The bones of bog bodies are not preserved because the calcium phosphate inside the bones is destroyed by the high acid. But the internal organ and skin are preserved. Check body system facts here.

Facts about Bog Bodies 6: the old bog body

The skeleton of Koelbjerg Woman from Denmark holds the record as the oldest known bog body in the world. The body came from the Mesolithic period. It was dated back in 8000 BCE.

Bog Bodies

Bog Bodies

Facts about Bog Bodies 7: Cashel Man

Cashel Man is considered as the oldest fleshed bog body in the world. It was from the Bronze Age dated back in 2000 BCE.

Facts about Bog Bodies 8: the discovery of bog bodies

Other bog bodies can be found in Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The ones which dated back in Iron Age include Lindow Man, Grauballe Man and Tollund Man.

Bog Bodies Pic

Bog Bodies Pic

Facts about Bog Bodies 9: the belief of bog bodies in Iron Age

The bog bodies which dated back in Iron Age shared similar characteristics. Most of them had lack of clothing and experienced the brutal death. It is believed that those people were killed because of the execution of criminals or even human sacrifice. Then their bodies were kept inside bogs.

Facts about Bog Bodies 10: the newest bog body

The soldiers who were killed in the Russian wetland during World War II are the examples of the newest bog bodies.

Bog Bodies Facts

Bog Bodies Facts

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