10 Facts about Bogota

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If you want to know more about the capital of Colombia, you have to check Facts about Bogota. Based on the report in 2015, Bogota is inhabited by 7,976,700 individuals. There are several municipalities included in Bogota and its metropolitan area.  Those are El Rosal, Tabio, Mosquera, Madrid, Cota, Soacha, Chia, La Calera, Tenjo, and Funza. Get more interesting facts about Bogota below:

Facts about Bogota 1: the growth of city

Bogota is considered as the largest city in Colombia. The experts estimate that by 2038, the city probably will be the home to more than 25 million people. There is no need to wonder that it is called as the fastest growing city in Latin America.

Facts about Bogota 2: the sea elevation

Bogota sits at 8,660 feet or 2,640 meters above the sea elevation. Therefore, it is called as the second highest capital city in South America.

Bogota Facts

Bogota Facts

Facts about Bogota 3: the Athens of South America

Bogota is called as the Athens of South America for it has a lot of libraries and universities. Get facts about Athens here.

Facts about Bogota 4: the moorland

One of the records of Bogota lies on the moorland.  It is considered as the biggest one. If you want to visit the moorland, you can go to Sumapaz Locality.



Facts about Bogota 5: the tourism industry

The tourism industry in Bogota is increased in 2002 after the government increases the safety and infrastructure. Moreover, they also perform the heavy public campaign to encourage the people to visit Bogota. Get facts about Birstall here.

Facts about Bogota 6: La Candelaria

La Candelaria is the first place that you should visit when you are in Bogota. It is the perfect spot to learn about arts and culture. You can find a lot of hotels and hostels in La Candelaria.

Bogota Picture

Bogota Picture

Facts about Bogota 7: the famous museums in La Candelaria

La Candelaria is famous as the historical center in Bogota.  You can find lot of museums here. Gold Museum and Botero Museum are some famous museums in the area.

Facts about Bogota 8: the famous landmarks and top destinations in Bogota

There are many top destinations to visit when you are in Bogota such as the monument of the American flags, the botanical garden José Celestino Mutis, the Colpatria observation point and La Quinta de Bolivar.

Bogota Houses

Bogota Houses

Facts about Bogota 9: the brunch and flea market

If you want to enjoy the flea market and brunch on Sundays, you can visit the colonial landmark of Usaquen.

Facts about Bogota 10: the malls

The well known malls in Bogota to visit include Centro Mayor, Plaza de las Américas, Centro Andino, Portal de la 80 and Santafé.

Facts about Bogota

Facts about Bogota

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