10 Facts about Boko Haram

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Let’s talk about the jihadist group in Facts about Boko Haram.  In the past, this group was called Jama’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihad’. The official name of Boko Haram is Wilayat Gharb Ifriqiyyah. The base of this jihad group is located in Nigeria. The members are active in northern Cameroon and Chad, Niger. Here are other interesting facts about Boko Haram below:

Facts about Boko Haram 1: who is the leader of Boko Haram?

Do you know the leader of Boko Haram? Abubakar Shekau is the leader today.  It is estimated that there are round 7,000 to 10,000 fighters in this organization.

Facts about Boko Haram 2:Al Qaeda

In the past, Boko Haram was associated with Al Qaeda. This organization was established in 2002.  The activities of this organization were linked with the radical action.  It made the leader of Boko Haram executed.

Facts about Boko Haram

Facts about Boko Haram

Facts about Boko Haram 3: the support for the Islamic state of Iraq

Boko Haram stated that this organization supported the established the Islamic state of Iraq. On 1 March 2015, Boko Haram formally pledged the allegiance to support it.

Facts about Boko Haram 4: the rebirth of Boko Haram

In September 2010, there was a mass prison break which led into the rebirth of Boko Haram. In 2011, there were several attacks and suicide bombings conducted by Boko Haram. It attacked the UN office in Abuja and the police buildings.

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

Facts about Boko Haram 5: the emergency

Because of the military and radical activities that Boko Haram did, the government was very aware. In 2012, the government applied the emergency state in the country.

Facts about Boko Haram 6: the victims

The report finds out that there were 13,000 civilians killed by this organization in 2009 till 2015. In 2014, Boko Haram killed 10,000 people.

Boko Haram Picture

Boko Haram Picture

Facts about Boko Haram 7: the location of the attack

The main location which attacked by Boko Haram is mostly in the northeast of Nigeria.

Facts about Boko Haram 8: the displacement of the people

To avoid the radical activities and violence conducted by Boko Haram, there was 1.5 million people displaced from northern Nigeria.

Boko Haram Facts

Boko Haram Facts

Facts about Boko Haram 9: kidnapping

Besides killing people, Boko Haram also kidnapped men, women and children.  In April 2014, there were 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by this organization. There were 500 men kidnapped since 2009. Get facts about black panther party here.

Facts about Boko Haram 10: the conflict zone

By August 2014, there were around 650,000 people left the conflict zone. At the end of 2014, there were 1.5 million fled from Nigeria.

Boko Haram Pic

Boko Haram Pic

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