10 Facts about Bolivia

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Get the interesting information about the landlocked country in western central South America in Facts about Bolivia. The official name of this country is Plurinational State of Bolivia. It shares border with other countries such as Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.  The Upper Peru was the name of Bolivia when the country is colonized by Spain.

Facts about Bolivia 1: the populations

Bolivia is inhabited by around 10 million people. The people who live here are from different ethnicity such as Africans, Amerindians, Asian, Europeans, and Mestizos. Get facts about Asia here.

Facts about Bolivia 2: the segregation

Since the Spanish colonial period, the social and racial segregation has been applied in the country. The principal plaza of La Paz was forbidden to be accessed by the native Bolivians before the revolution in 1952.

Bolivia Pic

Bolivia Pic

Facts about Bolivia 3: the higher social status

The mestisoz have higher social status in Bolivia. There is no need to wonder that the indigenous Bolivians try to be a mixed race mestizos.

Facts about Bolivia 4: the government system

There are 9 departments in the democratic republic of modern Bolivia. This country has the level of poverty at 53 percent. The Human Development Index is medium. Get facts about Bhutan here.

Bolivia Street

Bolivia Street

Facts about Bolivia 5: the language

Spanish is considered as the primary language spoken by the Bolivian people. Other important languages include Quechua, Aymara and Guarani languages.

Facts about Bolivia 6: the economy

The economy of the people who live in Bolivia depends on mining, fishing, forestry, manufacturing goods and agriculture. The manufactured goods include the refined petroleum, refined metal, clothing and textiles.

Facts about Bolivia

Facts about Bolivia

Facts about Bolivia 7: the famous Bolivian artists

Some of the famous Bolivian artists include Roberto Mamani Mamani, María Luisa Pacheco, Marina Núñez del Prado, Alfredo Da Silva and Alejandro Mario Yllanes.

Facts about Bolivia 8: the festivals

There are various kinds of festivals held in Bolivia. One of them is Carnaval de Oruro. If you watch the carnival, you will know that Bolivia is rich of folklore.



Facts about Bolivia 9: the type of cuisine

Most cuisines in Bolivia are made based on the combination of traditional native cuisines of Inca and Aymara with the Spanish cuisines. Now the cuisines are affected by the Russian, Italian, Germany, Arab, and Polish and Basque cuisines.

Facts about Bolivia 10: Plant Teacher

Plant Teacher is the famous novel written by the Bolivian author, Caroline Alethia. The setting of the novel was in 2007 till 2008. It was published in 2011. The writer used narcotourism, indigenous religion and politics as the main themes.

Bolivia Facts

Bolivia Facts

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