10 Facts about Bollywood Dance

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Let me show you a unique type of dance on Facts about Bollywood Dance. It was originated from India. This country is rich with a lot of cultures. The dancing style is based on the location, tradition as well as the regions in India. There are 8 different traditional dances in India recognized by Sangeet Natak Akademi. It is the national academy for art performance in the country. In the past, the classical Indian dances were connected with the religious activities. Here are other interesting facts about Bollywood dance to note:

Facts about Bollywood Dance 1: the folk dance in India

The geographic regions, ethnicity and state differentiate the folk dance in India. The combination of western, folk and classical dance can be seen in the Indian contemporary dances.

Facts about Bollywood Dance 2: the influence

The Bollywood dance is very strong and powerful. There is no need to wonder that the South East Asian and South Asian dances are affected by the Bollywood dance. Bollywood Dance Pic *Bollywood Dance Pic

Facts about Bollywood Dance 3: Brahma

Brahma was believed to visualize the dance based on the explanation in Hindu scripture. Natya Shastra was written by Bharata Muni after he was inspired by Brahma. The work was about a treatise of art performance.

Facts about Bollywood Dance 4: the dancing representation

Krishna, Kali and Shiva are often represented in Hindu art work as dancing. In Hindu mythology, Krishna is depicted dancing with gopikas. The Hindu also recognizes the Kali’s dance of creation and destruction and the cosmic dance of Shiva.

Facts about Bollywood Dance

Facts about Bollywood Dance

Facts about Bollywood Dance 5: the function of Indian dance

The Indian dance is conducted for various reasons. It can be for leisure, entertainment and worship the Hindu deities.

Facts about Bollywood Dance 6: the religious dancing

The religious dances are conducted during the seasonal harvest, festive events and performance in the temples. It is considered as a type of worship and is performed in front of the Hindu deities. Look at facts about Bollywood here.

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancing

Facts about Bollywood Dance 7: the mythological tales

The mythological tales are often narrated by the presence of classic dance forms. The dancers will use hand gestures when they want to show the slaying of Kaliya by Krishna in Bharata Natyam.

Facts about Bollywood Dance 8: the Indian folk dance

Sambalpuri, Ghumura Dance, Bihu and Bhangra are some examples of Indian folk dances. Get facts about Bollywood music here.

Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance

Facts about Bollywood Dance 9: the popularity of Indian dancing style

The Indian dancing style is very popular in the world because it is often depicted in various movies of Hindi Cinema.

Facts about Bollywood Dance 10: the dance festivals

The dance festivals around the country are organized by Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Bollywood Dance Pictures

Bollywood Dance Pictures

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