10 Facts about Bollywood Dancing

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If you are interested to know the style of dancing in Bollywood movies, you have to check Facts about Bollywood Dancing. Bollywood Hindi cinema is very unique for the audiences will be served with various songs and dances. Becoming a good actress and actor in Bollywood is not easy for you to have to be able to dance. Let’s find out more facts about Bollywood dancing below:

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 1: the songs and dances

The music and songs in Bollywood movies are the pre recorded songs. They are sung by the playback singers. The actors and actresses have the job to dance while having lip synching on the songs.

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 2: Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar was one of the few actors who could sing and dance at the same time. In 1950s, Kishore Kumar was very famous in Bollywood.

Bollywood Dancing Image

Bollywood Dancing Image

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 3: other singers and dancers

The actors in Bollywood famous as singers and dancers included Noor Jehan, Suraiyya and K.L Saigal.

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 4: the dancing style

In the old time of Bollywood movies, most actors and actresses had the classical dancing style. It can be inspired from the folk dances or even tawaif or historic northern Indian dances. Find out Bollywood facts here.

Facts about Bollywood Dancing

Facts about Bollywood Dancing

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 5: the dancing style of modern films

If you check the modern films of Bollywood, they often feature the mixture of the western dance style with the Indian dance elements.

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 6: the supporting dancers

You can find a troupe of supporting dancers performed along with the heroine and hero in the movie.  The setting of the dance is very magnificent. They also wear wonderful consumes.

Bollywood Dancing

Bollywood Dancing

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 7: a duet

The duet which occurs on the hero and heroine usually takes place in the grand setting or beautiful natural surroundings. Both of them dance together and enjoy the romance. The setting can be inside or outside India.

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 8: an item number

An item number is very popular in Bollywood. The beautiful and attractive female character will perform dance and song. However, she is not included in the plot or story of the movie. Find out Bollywood music facts here.

Bollywood Dancing Style

Bollywood Dancing Style

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 9: Lagaan

Lagaan was released in 2001. It was a critically acclaimed movie. The famous dance sequence from Laggan is in the song ‘Radha Kaise Na Jale’. Gracy Singh performed a Gujarati dance style here.

Facts about Bollywood Dancing 10: Dabangg

Have you watched Dabangg? The item number ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ is famous due to the wonderful dancing performance of Malaika Arora.

Bollywood Dancing Facts

Bollywood Dancing Facts

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