10 Facts about Bollywood Music

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Facts about Bollywood Music talk about an important part of Bollywood movies besides dancing. The Hindi film songs are the songs featured in the Hindi movies. The playback singers will sing the recorded songs and the actors and actress will picturize the songs in the movies. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bollywood music below:

Facts about Bollywood Music 1: the characters of Indian cinema

The Indian cinema is very different from the other movies in the world. They always feature the dance, Indian music and songs.

Facts about Bollywood Music 2: the song and music

The songs and music in Bollywood are inspired from the Indian pop music today. It is often mixed with the western music character. But some movies also preserve the classic and traditional music of India. Find out Facts about Bhaag Milkha Bhaag here.

Facts about Bollywood Music

Facts about Bollywood Music

Facts about Bollywood Music 3: the culture of India

The Bollywood music is not only part of music in Indian cinema. It is also embedded on the culture of the Indian people. The music and song is played in different places in India like in the bus, shops and train.

Facts about Bollywood Music 4: the integral feature of the movie

The music and song performed by the actors and actress in the movies are considered as the integral part of the storyline of the movie.

Bollywood Music

Bollywood Music

Facts about Bollywood Music 5: Alam Ara

Alam Ara was released in 1931. It was considered as the first sound film which launched 7 songs. The movie was made by Ardeshir Irani.

Facts about Bollywood Music 6: other songs in the movies

After the release of Alam Ara, the filmmaker began to feature different kinds of song in their movie. There were 42 songs sequences in the Shirheen Farhard in 1931.

Bollywood Music Style

Bollywood Music Style

Facts about Bollywood Music 7: the number of songs in Bollywood movies

In the past, the song sequences were a lot. Now you can only find 6-10 songs in the production of Hindi movies. There is no need to wonder that the music is considered as the regular feature in Indian music since 1931.

Facts about Bollywood Music 8: the genres

The Bollywood music is divided in several genres such as the fantasy, devotional, mythological and historical.

Bollywood Music Pic

Bollywood Music Pic

Facts about Bollywood Music 9: the availability of Bollywood music

Due to the popularity of Bollywood music in the world, people can find it played in media, live music, radio and TV.

Facts about Bollywood Music 10: the language

The language used in the Bollywood music is not always Hindi. It can feature English work, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Braj, Persian or Urdu words. Get facts about Bollywood here.

Bollywood Music Facts

Bollywood Music Facts

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